Space oddity

Enjoy the stars and galaxies. And my über cool galaxy leggings from Black Milk & matching nailpolish I mixed myself.

 Galaxy pics from my friend Google.



Last summer I was enjoying my ice-cream in a hot summer day in Punavuori district. I sat on my longboard in the corner of two big streets and just let people pass me by. Suddenly someone came to me and asked if I was a local in Helsinki. He was from London and had started this art project about locals and tourists in various cities around the world. Maybe I'd be interested to take part? Hell yes!

Pics by me in Local vs Tourist

I was handed a disposable camera, an envelope with an address and enough stamps to London. The assignment was to take pictures of "my Helsinki". Streets, people, what ever I wanted. And once the camera was full, just return it to him via post.

Today I got an email from Pedro, the guy who gave me the camera. The site was up and running! This far they have pictures from Helsinki and Mexico City from both locals and tourist. It's kind of an interesting detail, that most cameras sent back are from tourists. I wonder where all the locals have forgotten their cameras...?

Check the Local vs Tourist -site

Watching those pictures make me miss summer. It's hot days and nights and the endless feeling of peace and happiness. Have a lovely weekend everybody!


One roller derby girl in making

Pic Miika Karttunen
My time in the Helsinki Roller Derby freshmeat training period is close to it's end. We had our last practice last Sunday and our coach and a derby ref Mick Dagger took a pic of our freshmeat group above. Can you find me? Nirvana will be the hint of the day.
This week's Sunday is the doom day number one. We are all taking part to the minimum skills test which is something everyone has to pass in order to start practicing like a real roller derby girl. Tuesday is the doom day number one, the day that I fear the most - a written test about the rules. If I pass both tests, I can be part of a real team, get my derby name (have one picked up already!) and traing with all the other cool athletics in Helsinki Roller Derby. If not, I just have to wait untill the tests are organized again and try again.
Sooooo... wish me luck!


I'm so f**king rad, right?

To start my year like a little firecracker, I
a) got a promotion, say hello to area manager!
b) went to Stockholm for a roller derby bootcamp
c) did the dishes

Other than work, my time is shared between Gekko-boy and this Drummer dude who's been lounging at my place (&life) for quite a bit now.

The theme for 2012 will be "Drink less, excercise more". Like? Yes. Like.

My new year party hair by Sirkku @ Osos Polares. Very My Little Pony alike!
Kiss kiss & good night!


Finding the spirit of Christmas

These hectic months haven't had me time to think about Christmas much. Today I suddenly had Christmas kicking me right in the back of my head and instead of going to bed early as planned, I stayed up installing fairy lights on the windowsill, wall and around the doorway. Maybe it was the first snow in Helsinki, blogosphere filled with Christmas themed posts or a lazy evening at home while the Presidental Independence Day reception was on in television. I'm badly missing some warm glogg now, so that will be on my shopping list tomorrow.
Last year I made a Spotify playlist for Christmas with Annik. It's full of tacky Christmas songs, old school classics and some of our random favourites. The playlist is actually quite terrible but does it's job, even after a year long break.
So from today on, my Christmas has started! Next week I'm heading to Stockholm for one day and hopefully get some Xmas shoppings done too. My happiness factor of the day has increased a ton after finding the Christmas spirit. How am I supposed to sleep tonight when there's so much to be joyful of?!


Friday envy

What's up with the kids today? Why are they so freaking cool? When I was twelve, I can assure you I didn't look anything like this.


Well I still don't so can I have her style, hair and face? I'm not going to analyze what it tells about me if I envy a twelve year old girl, even if she is Willow Smith. Yes, I have an age crisis but that's all I say!


Universe loves Success -day

Today is un-official Universe loves Success day. Day that started not so well was saved by the mighty Universe. I've been so lucky today that I'm now concidering buying a lottery ticket. Many happy things happened today, one of them being able to attend a roller derby bootcamp in Stockholm next January!


Thank you Universe, I love you too!