Quick update

It's almost the end of February and my challenge. This week hasn't gone as planned and I have had serious difficulties waking up in the mornings. Apparently the 8:00 is too much for me, so I plan to continue my challenge, go back a bit and set the 8:30 to my new waking up time. Maybe use that for few weeks and then try the 8:00 again and hope for better (and permanent!!) result.

It's a lovely and sunny day today, so I'm keeping this short and go and try to be bit more productive than I've been in last couple of days.
I'll post more later this week!


Hot kiddo

A talented young girl I saw for the first time at MTV reality tv-serie My Super Sweet 16. It's already an old episode, but there was re-run in Finnish MTV last weekend so I decided to mention Teyana Taylor in my blog this week.I liked how she didn't want a car, but a BMX bike (but ended up getting a customized lowrider bike, even better!!!). She also had a cool theme in her party, old school 80's sketeboard party. She got a dress made by Heatherette and it was the coolest dress I have ever seen. Bright, multi-colored pink dress with huge amount of small decorations. To complete the look, she bought really bright pair of Nike sneakers.

She entered her party in a Barbie/doll box carried by half naked guys and ended her performance with some pro dancing.

Altogether, she is pretty talented and not just in dancing but also singing and rapping. I'm not so into rap, so my intrest in her lies in her great sense of style. She wears lots of bright colours and can handle both over-girly and tomboyish styles.

Here is the same Heatherette dress in catwalk.


Fuck you.


For the last week I have stayed home sick and tried to get rid of the most aggressive flu I have had since childhood. I had to close my shop because of that and spend pretty much all my time sleeping or just laying on the bed.
I'm still not well, but at least I got rid of the fever.

Dogs felt tired also. The spring sun made Iines yawn.
On Wednesday when coming home from health center I stopped by to our local flea market to see if there was anything to cheer me up. And there was! 3 pretty glass jars I immediately had to take with me.
Also got mail from ASOS... Black wet-look leggings and Blondie necklace!!!

And what comes to my February challenge, I have managed to stay in schedule despite of being sick, out of my daily rythm and also very tired all the time. Yay me!!


Click the badge and be happier

I love this badge from iCiNG about the Transformation Challenge.

And this one is for my bullies, they can make some changes in their lives too this month so we can all be happier!