Finding the spirit of Christmas

These hectic months haven't had me time to think about Christmas much. Today I suddenly had Christmas kicking me right in the back of my head and instead of going to bed early as planned, I stayed up installing fairy lights on the windowsill, wall and around the doorway. Maybe it was the first snow in Helsinki, blogosphere filled with Christmas themed posts or a lazy evening at home while the Presidental Independence Day reception was on in television. I'm badly missing some warm glogg now, so that will be on my shopping list tomorrow.
Last year I made a Spotify playlist for Christmas with Annik. It's full of tacky Christmas songs, old school classics and some of our random favourites. The playlist is actually quite terrible but does it's job, even after a year long break.
So from today on, my Christmas has started! Next week I'm heading to Stockholm for one day and hopefully get some Xmas shoppings done too. My happiness factor of the day has increased a ton after finding the Christmas spirit. How am I supposed to sleep tonight when there's so much to be joyful of?!


Friday envy

What's up with the kids today? Why are they so freaking cool? When I was twelve, I can assure you I didn't look anything like this.


Well I still don't so can I have her style, hair and face? I'm not going to analyze what it tells about me if I envy a twelve year old girl, even if she is Willow Smith. Yes, I have an age crisis but that's all I say!


Universe loves Success -day

Today is un-official Universe loves Success day. Day that started not so well was saved by the mighty Universe. I've been so lucky today that I'm now concidering buying a lottery ticket. Many happy things happened today, one of them being able to attend a roller derby bootcamp in Stockholm next January!


Thank you Universe, I love you too!


Talk less, skate more

The title is just a one good piece of an advice I read from the article Never skate with scissors, and other advice for surviving roller derby. The article was a tip I and other new Helsinki Roller Derby's skaters got when we recieved the email, that we were accepted to the Fresh Meat Training Program after last Sunday's try-outs.


Wild Stripes

Que pasa everyone? Hope you've been productive during this amazingly beautiful autumn. I sure have! While doing this and that, I've managed to decorate my home a bit. New vintage bookshelf from 50's and a white flat LED tv makes this teeny tiny place a bit more adult and less child's room. When you love colours as much as I do, it can be bit difficult to decorate a small space without the fear of it looking too childish. After all, I'm close to the dreaded thirties.

Besides bright blinding colors, I'm a huge fan on very minimalistic and graphic black and white look. Combining these two obsessions are easy peasy and so much fun. For my luck, I found out that Weekday Carnival had a -20% sale. I couldn't resist myself from getting the Wild Stripes -print I had been wanting for a while now.
And here it is now! Arrived in a sturdy carboard tube, but softly wrapped in a mint green paper inside for protection. Together with a thank you note from Weekday Carnival's Riikka, it really gave a nice kick-start to my Wednesday.

Pic: Weekday Carnival


New habit

Seems like I'm finally letting coffee to enter my world. As long as I don't turn into a caffeine addict, I'm loving it!



I've been on a summer holiday for the last two weeks. Did nothing and everything, stayed in Helsinki for the whole time except for the one day long leap to the west coast to Turku. I think I've never had this relaxed and energizing holiday in my life.
I've cleaned my home from floor to ceiling (well not quite, but at least I cleaned), bought new bookshelf, sold a lot of crap in Kallio park fleamarket and bought my very first outdoor plants.

Attended to girls only houswarmingparty and had amazingly delicious home made cupcakes, macarons and sushi.

Saw friends at a brunch in Siltanen.

Had a lunch with my hairdresser and a very good friend, who also gave me a new, British football hooligan haircut, which I adore.

Took a pic of myself in Café Bossalina's toilet in Turku and had delicious Russian blinis with honey at the Restaurant Day's pop-up restaurant in Helsinki.

There, that's what I've been up to lately in case you were wondering. And besides all things mentioned above, I also learned to skate with a longboard. Coolest thing ever and so far I have managed to stay in one piece and broke nothing.
Monday, back to work.


Where to go

It's time for some roller derby again, boys and girls! HRD's coolest teams, Hurtta Lottas and Saturday Fight Fever meet each others again at the Pasila sport's hall this Friday. And for the love of god, I hope the paramedics are close 'cause these girls know how to kick some ass!
See you there.


Where to go

It's that time of the summer again, time of the Flow Festival. But why Flow is the festival to be (in my point of view)?

- 10min walk from my door to the festival area
- instead of collapsing tent, I get to sleep in my own bed
- festival foods that vary from sushi to vegetarian hot dogs and vegan burritos
- even the sold out festival is never too crowded
- great line-up
- peaceful, beautiful and friendly people

See you there!


Autumn inspiration

Got the picture? Next project will be my second hand leather jacket I bought from Berlin. It's too light weight as it is, so I need to heavy it a bit with some metal parts. And though my current mantra has been "I don't need more shoes" I still need more Dr. Martens boots. Period.

Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4


Block Party

Finally, Kallio's very first Block Party was held today, thanks to so many volunteers, artist and what ever that worked hard for free, to give us this uniting day in my neighbourhood. I'm bit bummed that the weather wasn't as perfect as it's been for the whole week, but rain or not, lots of people took part in the fun.

No = no

No means no.
Yes means yes.
Maybe means maybe.

SlutWalk arrived to Helsinki today. Almost 4000 people marched with banderolls, shouts and drums. I was there too of course. Rallying together with my friends and Gekko. I'm quite impressed how many people took part despite the rain. I saw many provocative and creative dresses and banderolls and the media seemed to be very interested too. I have only these few crappy pics, I had my hands full with the dog and protecting the camera from the pouring rain.


Sunday chilling

This is what summer is about. Sun, food and friends. Brunch at Pacifico never fails, the lovely company of Annik never fails. A boat trip to Suomenlinna was an ideal way to spend the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing but laying on the ground and watching the seagulls and passing boats. Now out with Gekko boy to see another friend and listen to the sounds of summer.

PS. Don't you just love my new second hand boots I found from fleamarket? Priced only 2 euros, these worn out leather boots couldn't make me anymore happier.

PPS. I'm heading to Berlin for few days soon! Yihoooo!


Busy bee

Hey you darlings. Dispite what it seems, I haven't forgot about you. It's just that summer is only few months long and I don't have time for everything. See there're two damn cute bullterrier pups to kiss and cuddle, hairdresser to go to, parks to lounge at, new friends to meet and parties to go to. Between all that, I try my best to write you a line or two.
What do you think about my new steel grey hair Sirkku did for me at Osos Polares? Pretty rad, don't you think! And the pups? No day can go wrong when you get some paw therapy by kissing these little cutie pies.

Pics: Annik


Riot teen Success

Browsing around the internet wonderland led me to a site with few of the bands I used to listen alot as a teen.
Here's a piece of my history. Grunge, punk, riot grrrl,.. Some of which I still enjoy listening now and then. But listening to these and watching the videos, can you guys guess what I looked like as a teen? Not exactly the prom queen kind of a girl.


Greetings from Stockholm

Hallo! Greetings from rainy Stockholm where I just came from. I had a lovely time and even the poor weather couldn't flatten the atmosphere of Stockholm. I left with almost empty backpack and came back with a full one. Instead of showing all the things I bought, I will just leave you guys with this photograph from Vee Speers' The Birthday Party Exhibition I saw at Fotografiska today. A poster of it will be hanging on my wall soon.


Puss och kram!


Dead Mamas

Pic shamelessly stolen from her FB site.

I'd like to introduce my lovely friend Milja. The prettiest girl out there with a wicked cool personality and guess what? She makes jewelry! I met her today at the Puu-Vallila yard sale where she was selling her Dead Mamas -jewelry and in fairly reasonable price, if I may say so.


 Well you guys know me and my materialistic side so I believe it's no surprise to anyone that I got something for myself too. An anchor ring with a navy blue backround, swoooon! And since Annik has been super exhausted lately because of her job, I got something for her as well. Pale shaded pink rose brooch/necklace, hope she likes it.

Hey and one thing. You want to know why Dead Mamas excists? Yeah yeah arts and crafts make people happier and all that, but also while I and hopefully you too buy stuff from Dead Mamas, you help Milja to collect money to go traveling. Traveling, so she can get more inspired and make more cool stuff for us materialistic bitches to buy. Hurray for all of us! Now, contact this lovely lady and order yourself some goodies.


Hair inspiration

I should be sleeping already, but I'm stuck lounging at my bed. Cuddling my darling bull terrier and surfing hair inspiration. See, I've been growing out my hair style and now I'm starting to look bit too shabby and need to do something about it asap. I'm still undecided about keeping it short or going for extensions. I love it short and I have the best hair stylist to turn to, but I guess I'm like every other girl in the world. When I had long hair, I wanted it short and now when it's short I want it long.