Christmas plans

As I seem to have even more time, I decided to start planning our Christmas menu. I'd love to make something myself too this year and not just buy all ready or get food from my parents house..
So here's the menu. I added * to the things I plan to make myself. Some dishes of course don't even need preparation.

For sterters:
Fig-rucola salad (figs, rucola, home cheese, grape fruit and balsamico)*
Salted salmon and/or whitefish
Toast with smetana-red caviar sauce*
Pickeld cucumber and honey
Boiled potatoes*
Main course:
Reindeer roast & sauce*
Sweet potato casserole*
Carrot casserole
For dessert:
Chocolate pudding or chocolate dip for fruits
Water seasoned with lemon or fruits
Starting to feel hungry already!


Getting rid off the negativity

I'm back sooner than I thought.. That is so me. I say I have no time and then I have. Also works to the opposite direction.
Anyways, I had to have some blog-therapy. I had so crappy night last night (2 dogs have stomach problems) and crappy day too, so I thought it would make me feel better if I write some positive things in here.
Things I want to do in 2009:
  • Summer vacation in Sweden with Gekko
  • Loose few kilos by eating more healthier - my raw food week is still undone, so may that be in my plan too!
  • Get drivers licence
  • Start to go to bed early and also get up in the mornings earlier than normally
  • Listen to music more often
  • Concider hard if I want to continue with my My Little Pony collection anymore
  • Sell all my useless stuff
  • Start to look for old, unmatching and flowery plates from fleamarkets
  • Paint and decorate my bike
  • Get new tattoos
  • Drink more tea
  • Buy one orchid and try to keep it alive
  • Keep home tidy and nice and remember what my pillow says

Now I feel better, thanks for reading!


X-mas stress

X-mas holidays are getting closer and I just realized I haven't done anything yet! Well, not complitely true, I have my small Christmas tree on the livingroom table and 5 sets of Christmas lights on, but all the presents, food and stuff like that is something I have not even started with!

And I don't even have much time as I can't just go to shopping when ever I want as we now have three bullies here that need much attention and care. Phew.

For my luck, I only need presents for BF, mom, dad and brother. And dogs also, but they are easy to please and I have a homebase advantage with having my own shop. For mom/dad/brother I have things planned out but now I need the time to run around in shops.
Why this always ends up like this? I remember in November saying to BF that we should take care of all the prezzies then so there's no stress in Christmas.. For some reason it only stayed as a plan..
And the fun part is that BF is leaving to Oslo on Monday for some holiday shopping, so that means I have absolutely no chance of going then. Grr..

I also got my new camera and have lots of things I'd love to show you, but I have no time. I hope to make it after Christmas Eve. Then I have almost a week off from work and should have time to do all the fun stuff.
So if you don't hear from me before X-mas, it's just that I have too much to do and no time to update my blog.

BUT if you have ANY ideas what I could give to BF as a X-mas present, please share! He has already everything and I feel clueless.


New family member

Great weekend is over and our family has extended again. Our new "adoption child", little red miniature bullterrier girl called Proper is here.

They make a great duo with Gekko and play all days like crazy. Iines is still only seeing Proper behind the gate, because she is bit stressed after busy weekend and I want her to relax first.


Dear Santa...

Oh no.. So far I haven't been so into high fashion brands so my wallet has been safe. But today I accidentally ran to the new Louis Vuitton / Stephen Sprouse collection. It was love at first sight and now I can only dream of having that bag in pink or orange. And those sneakers, OMG!!!
"Dear Santa..." Hah, I wish!!!



...got my fakies. Not in black though. They had black ones too, but they didn't look as nice as these strange colored brown ones. Love is in the air.........
And I must say to all UGG haters, these are great shoes! I can wear them with jeans, leggings, pyjama pants, army pants.. They are so cute, and soft and if I feel like dressing up, then they are so totally unappropriate that there is no dilemma of choosing a more feminine/fancier pair.


New stuff

I bought a new hat for winter. It was a pure impulse shopping as I just fell in love with this Goorin knitted Lilly beanie ♥Also bought a new long shirt from WESC, but I can't find a picture of in black anywhere!!
This pic of WESC Luella sweatshirt (in grey/turquise) doesn't do justice to my lovely purchase, IRL is very cute.Mine is all black and I love to wear it with black top under it, semi-wetlook leggings, Goorin hat and my granny winterboots.
And sadly I didn't find the fakie UGG's from the store one reader suggested, but today found pretty nice fakies from an another store. Think I'll stop by there this weekend. First I need to go and try on an original pair of UGG's as I just found out that my friend living in a different city has quite cheap UGG's at her workplace.
Have to start counting my pennies and see what I'll get!