Friday envy

What's up with the kids today? Why are they so freaking cool? When I was twelve, I can assure you I didn't look anything like this.


Well I still don't so can I have her style, hair and face? I'm not going to analyze what it tells about me if I envy a twelve year old girl, even if she is Willow Smith. Yes, I have an age crisis but that's all I say!


Universe loves Success -day

Today is un-official Universe loves Success day. Day that started not so well was saved by the mighty Universe. I've been so lucky today that I'm now concidering buying a lottery ticket. Many happy things happened today, one of them being able to attend a roller derby bootcamp in Stockholm next January!


Thank you Universe, I love you too!


Talk less, skate more

The title is just a one good piece of an advice I read from the article Never skate with scissors, and other advice for surviving roller derby. The article was a tip I and other new Helsinki Roller Derby's skaters got when we recieved the email, that we were accepted to the Fresh Meat Training Program after last Sunday's try-outs.