Thrill The World

I was literally thrilled to found out this amazing event called Thrill the World. It's an annual event that goes around the world, bringing people together to dance. It's the world's largest mass dancing event and like last year, this year makes no exception and again the event aims to get the record in Guinnes World Records as the world's biggest mass dancing event.
And you can bet that I will be there!
It's the first time this is organized in Finland and on October 25th, 3:30 am at the railway station the first beats of Michael Jackson's Thriller will hit Helsinki.

To tell the truth, I've never been much of a dancer. I've only lately started to discover the joys of dancing so learning the whole choreography of the Thriller isn't something I could do just like that. I'm glad I have one month to practice and the instruction videos on TTW website are priceless to me.So for the next 4 weeks you know what I will be doing. Sweating in my livingroom and trying to get it right.
I wish all Michael Jackson fans around Finland could join and make this event unforgettable. It's also a great way to salute the one and only King of Pop.

Thrill The World official website: http://www.thrilltheworld.com/
Thrill The World Finland blog: http://thrilltheworld09finland.blogspot.com/



I got this "You are an awesome girl" -award from Sabine. Thanks girl, you're amazing too!
Getting this award means I need to include a list of 10 useless or intresting things about me here, so lets see..

1. I love love love all the healthy diets and products and also the images of fresh fruits, vitamins, smoothies and such, but I could never hold on to a healthy way of living myself.

2. I go to therapy regularily. Clears my mind.

3. My index toe is longer than my big toe. Something I have inherited from my father's side.

4. I don't like questions "what's your favorite color?" and "what's your favorite/lucky number?".

5. I've been a shop owner since I was 23 years old.

6. I used to have good drawing skills. Not anymore.

7. I have a girl crush on Katherine Moennig.

8. When I was a little I played Batman and Robin every day with my friend Jussi. I was Robin and he was Batman. His father was the Joker, making scary faces.

9. I'm terrified of dentists and need sedatives when going there.

10. I used to keep Phasmids as pets.

I'd like to pass this award to My home is going to be my castle's A, she's truly an awesome chick and also today's birthday girl, congrats darling!
Also Liisa from Tunteellinen Pupu deserves this award without a doubt.


Gekko in the blog world

I often feel like posting lots of stuff about my Gekko boy, but since I don't want this blog turn into a dog blog, I finally did what I have planned for a while now, opened an own blog for him.

Raidallista rakkautta.

Sorry guys but that blog is in Finnish only.


Work baby, work!

Unlike I thought and planned, my work didn't get any easier nor that I got any more day-offs after the shop & webshop openings. Oh no, boy was I wrong!
I got to find out facts that made me think all things over again and make the decicion of getting back to working alone again. As much as I would have loved to be not so full-time attached to my work all the time, I can't choose how other people choose to run their lives. All I can do is to make sure my work and life is safe and I don't just end up with bunch of unwanted troubles.So, back to work and also back to school. Don't think I have mentioned it here before, but last spring I got a phone call and was asked if I wanted to study to become a Business College graduate (Study Programme in Customer Services and Marketing). I didn't, but it's free and done under an indenture contract so I agreed in terms of hoping it would benefit my shop one day.
So far I'm glad I did. I've gotten lots of new information and most importantly, motivation towards my daily work. We have school approximately 10 days / year and the rest is done independently at home and work.
This is my second degree I'm getting under an indenture contract and for me that kind of schooling works fine.

Does anyone reading this ever studied like this? How did it work out?


I'm almost as cool as Madonna

I'm slowly recovering from the shop opening and all the crazy things around it.
So this week I gave myself a treat and went to Popot sneaker store to spend the last from my gift card. I went there to get Reebok's Top Down Basquait sneakers in white/black, but then changed my mind and took the turqoise ones instead. Good choise, even that the white/black ones look better in the pic, it's not the case IRL. (And Madonna's dancers bought these too from Popot sneaker store!)
And what's that pink ribbon under my new sneakers?! It's the wrap of my new toy I got from J (with who we are btw trying the whole boyfriend - girlfriend thing again and giving it a shot), a longboard! So far I can only say, that I suck with it and me + longboard is pretty much a deadly combination. But I'll learn and become one of those super cool guys who hit the streets of Helsinki with their cool longboards. I'm sure I will.


Black day

Michael Jackson will be buried today. Today is also the Finnish Championships of Fireworks in Helsinki. I think filling the sky with sparkly, colorful, exploding fireworks is pretty appropriate way to salute the King of Pop. I myself will go hooping to a hooping meeting and bring the Michael Jackson's Dangerous album with me and silently hope that the rumours about King of Pop being alive might one day found out to be true.

Rest in peace Michael.