Bit more formal party

Today I'm going to a party to celebrate painting companys 100 year in business. This is what I planned to wear:

Why I added the "I just got new boobs!" -sticker in there? No, before you even ask, I have absolutely no planns of adding a toilet paper in my bra, it's just that time of the month so I must say, for ones a low cut dress looks kinda impressive on me. One more reason to celebrate, hahhah!

Ok, time to go and paint my nails with cute glittery nailpolish. I wish you all a very fun and relaxing Halloween weekend!



Want an another peek in our home? Go and get the latest issue of Koti ja Keittiö -magazine and see the big pics and read the article.Pic. Martti Järvi


My newest!

Violet sneakers and leather bag from H&M. The sneakers are feet killers, but hey, the look nice (and they were cheap)!
Zoo York t-shirt from Stockmann sale.
Viking wellingtons from Stockmann sale.


Project Office, part 2

Last night I had an inspiration to start working on with our office project. Last week we bought a PS cabinet from Ikea to store my bags and backpacks. Before they were just shoved inside the cupboard and it didn't look very nice... This far I made it before I gave up with that damn iMac. I'm not used to Macs so I have absolutely no idea of how they work. My biggest achievement last night was to create own accounts for me and bf. With internet.. hopeless.. I have no idea what I do wrong or have I possibly forgotten to install something or am I missing some gadget. Well, hopefully I get some help soon.The office itself is also unfinnished. I want to cover up all the junk up in the highest shelf and I need to hide all the electric cords and do some other decoration in there until I'm satisfyed. But I like the PS cabinet in there, it's so sturdy that dogs won't break it if they go in there to sniff around.
But my favorite in there isn't the PS, but my new light series from Sirius. It's like this, but pale pink and very cute and feminine.
Hope I'm soon able to post the final before and after pics!


Look what I found! 4 new flavors of Arizona, wohooooo! Blueberry White Tea, Blueberry Green Tea, Pomegranate Green Tea and White Cranberry and Apple Green Tea. So far I have tasted the White Cranberry and Apple one and Blueberry Green Tea. Both were great, the first one was slightly better than the Blueberry one.

My only problem now is the empty bottles. I have lots of them and I don't know what to do with them... They are too pretty to be thrown away and on the other hand.. I hate it when people collect some stupid bottles and keep them as a decorative pieces in their homes.
And I still need the basic Ginger and Honey flavored Arizona (non-diet) because it has the most prettiest cherryflower bottle.


Gekko 1 year!

This post is bit late, but my darling little ant baby Gekko turned 1 year on 21st of September. These b-day party pics of Gekko were taken the next day at my shop. Isn't he cute? ♥All pics taken by my friend Camilla Ekberg.