Forever in my heart

Michael Jackson
29.8.1958 - 25.6.2009

Michael Jackson isn't just one of the greatests, he is the greatest performer of all times, the one and only, King of Pop. For me, he was and will be the only superstar on the planet. The first song and video I ever saw about him was Black or White on MTV at my grandparents house. I saw him live on Helsinki when he was touring in Europe and wish I would have seen him on stage more than once cause it was pure magic.

If I only had the video of his concert in Bukarest Hungary, but no, it's gone as well as all the records, t-shirts, posters and collectibles I had. Parents should know never to let their kids throw away anything no matter what teenage phase they are going through. I loved that Bukarest video, knew all the moves and watched it over and over again. He is just a one of a kind.
Michael Jackson will live forever in our hearts.
Rest in peace.