Like the rest of the world (by the looks and lenghts of the lines to the fitting rooms) I also took part to the after Xmas sales mania. I got few gift cards to spend and managed to find stuff that makes me very happy.

A long black cardigan, blue transparent(-ish) basic t-shirt, petrol blue long-sleeved (also transparent-ish) t-shirt, teal basic heels, thick black leggings and neon yellow & pink nailpolishes also found their ways to my shopping bag. Very satisfied.

I've been wearing that CTRL skirt since and I love it. It's so comfy and I don't mind at all that it's blue. Or that two of the shirts I bought are blue. Even the teal colored heels are semi-blue, 'cause I think teal belongs to blues as well as greens. And the point here? I DON'T LIKE BLUE! But apparently I have blue phase going on now and I try to learn to appreciate it. After all the shades of blue actually go well with my red hair. Hello to the new color in my wardrobe, hello to brave me!

2009 tightly wrapped up

That sticker pretty sums up the year 2009.
It's a bloody victory that I'm still alive and somewhat have my marbles together, but yet nothing still makes sense and everything is constantly changing. Changing so much and so often, that I'd rather have some peace and stability in my life for a change now. One year already passing is such an unbelievable thought. It's been such a rollercoaster and full of ups and (mostly) downs. Feels like everything is going on so fast pace that I don't have even time to breath.

So what I got in 2009?

- New home
- Many many funny memories
- Minus few kilos though which I gained back during Xmas
- Amazing amount of energy that kicked me through this year
- New friends
- Tattoo project started
- Trips to Sweden

And what about the losses?

- Relationship x 2 (same relationship though..)
- Michael Jackson
- Proper moving to Sweden
- Not completed in 2009 but the countdown to the last day of my shop has now begun
- My bike
- My mind
- My My Little Pony -collection, that is currently on sale 'cause of lack of time & space.

So goodbye 2009. It's been a scary year, but also life-changing and very educational. New things coming up in 2010 and I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm all set up, my brand new Moleskine Weekly Notebook is ready to go and nothing can stop us!

Just bring it on, I'm ready!



I thought I was done with piercings and didn't want more of them, or even liked them that much anymore. Well cool pics do wonders no matter what's the subject.
I still have my niebühr bridge and 12mm lobes on ears, but nipple piercings have been gone for few months now after I got bored of them. I'm now thinking if I should stretch the ears bit bigger, say 14mm or max. 16mm. Let's see what happens to that, if anything.
Here's some inspiration for you.



Feeling the Xmas yet?

Sorry for the lame posting pace, there's lots going on "behind the scenes" and I haven't had really time to think about blogging. Anyways, I'm finally starting to get a bit into a holiday mood, here's few pics from yesterday when A (not in pics, she was behind the cam) and K came to my place to eat some Xmas pastries and hot chocolate.

I had a discussion with my dad about the dishes served in the Christmas table this year and I'm very happy that he agreed not to have the traditional ham this year. Also the turkey will be left out and we will only have reindeer and fish as meat.
If you want to know what goes on in Finnish pig farms and why I made this wish for my dad, check this link. *Click click* It's available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

I will spend my whole Xmas at my parent's place and try to relax as much as possible. I'm looking forward to the Xmas sauna, porrige, decorating the tree, all the foods and of course the presents. I will take my hoop and laptop with me and hope to have enough room to hoop a bit there in the superior company of Spotify.

And after the Xmas is over, my eyes will be set straight forward to summer! There will be so much happening in this spring (yes, spring starts in January, don't even try to argue about this one with me!) that the summer will be here before we realize and I have no complaints about that! Horray!



DIY drops for the rainy weather and mood. Very easy to do. Just cut the wanted shape from DC-fix plastic wrap and tadaa... Even Gekko could do that.