I have a food crisis. As you might have guessed after my latest post, I have a sweet tooth that is very much alive and kicking. I also would like to change my eating habits to a bit more healthier and maybe loose few kilos too. But my sweet tooth is causing that plan some serious problems since after all, I have no self-discipline. I don't have meal times and I usually start craving foods when I'm seriously hungry. And by then.. I don't care about the healthy foods I just eat what ever is easily on hand and sounds like a big meal. At work that mostly means macaroni and some sauce or noodles or garlic bread.

I'm very impulsive eater and I can't live by any planned menu because if I have planned that on Tuesday I'll eat feta salad I might not feel like eating that when Tuesday arrives and then I get grumpy because of the lack of self-discipline and then I just go and eat huge bowl of macaroni. See the pattern?

So now I try to slowly change the way I eat. I have started to eat breakfast and hope it keeps me more happy and out of all the cravings at least for a while. I still have to improve the breakfast to more healthier way but at least now I'm eating one!

Bread with bit of butter and fresh basil and tomato slices. Turkish youghurt with honey and a glass of home made apple juice.
My vegetarian month ends today and on Saturday I start my vegan week. Eating more veggies is good, but I have a bad habit of adding lots of cream and butter and sugar with them and in general just eating way too big meals at a time. I will report later how my eat-healthier project is going on.


Sugar junkie daydreams

Lately I have seen pictures of macarons everywhere I go. So I feel bit brainwashed now and have a huge craving for those, even though I've never had one before in my life! Those colourful and cute little french pasteries make me drool and they certainly don't help at all with my eat-less-sugar plan. They seem to be pretty easy to make so I now have a plan for next weekend!
I so want to go to Paris now! Wear some pretty pearls and some ridiculously girly clothes and sit in a smalla cafe enjoying macarons and hot chocolate (I don't drink coffee so the fancy coffee drinks are not a choice) .


New pretties!

I haven't been around internet all weekend so this post had to wait. On Friday I got home from work and there was a package waiting for me! Whiiiiii! I ordered some jewelry few weeks ago from Karoliina Lummaa and now they are here!

A long yellow cat necklace (my favourite!).
My girly cherry blossom pearls with a pink bow. Black geisha pearls with pink flowers. Sorry about the blurry pic. And last but not the least.. A neon green bowtie brooch with a picture of my lovely bullie Iines. ♥
And this pic I had to stole from Annika (thanks A and happy b-day today!). It's taken on Saturday at her place with her cerberus bullterrier Jazz. I'm wearing the cat necklace with long black pearls. Shame that the cat itself and the loveliest bow isn't showing here.


They like it raw - what about me?

Every now and then I've found myself browsing through raw food sites. It's something that seems to interest me for some reason. Today I found myself from Heathy's blog Adventures of Raw Goddes Heathy drooling over raw cupcakes and all the other yummy looking delicacies. They look and sound so good so I think I'll have to try some of the things I have found from her blog and from We like it raw -website.

I know that now the people who know me laugh their asses off since they all know that I lack all the self discipline in the world and also am a huge fan of good (and unhealthy) food.. I can also see my one friend who is in med school choking on her tea while reading this and propably she'll give me a lecture about good nourishment and so on. But I don't care, I think this sounds fun!
You have to admit that these pics look good:

This month is my vegetarian month and I have left all meats out of my diet for one month. I do eat dairy products and eggs now. On October we have an animal week in Finland so that week I'll try how it feels to eat only vegan food and maybe I'll make one week for raw food only to see how it goes. These food projects are fun!

Camera inventory

I needed to clean up my camera and found someting I could share in here.
Iines was her normal self and sleeping in the sun with her pig trunk against the floor.
Picture of me from last Saturday. Shame that the whole outfit isn't showing, I kinda start to like my high waist black denim skirt... With the skirt I was wearing The Clash t-shirt, black pearls, leggings and black Converses.


As promised before, here's the pic of my new tattoos. In picture they are about 12h old, swollen, red and lotion just spread over them. Also some colour and blood pushing through so they look kind of harsh.Takes a little time for me to get used to see my skin inked, but I'm very, very satisfied with my new tattoos! ♥ Thank yous go to Max from Paradise Tattoo.
I'll post some better pics later when they are healed.


Asian inspiration

Today I got my first tattoos done and I can't help myself of already planning the next ones.. I have my ideas ready, but details need to be fixed and some "maybe"-things settled. Here is something that inspires me - kokeshi dolls. Japanese wooden dolls that were originally found in the northern part of Japan and used as childrens toys. Some also claim that they keep the evil spirits away and bring you good luck.

Pictures of my new tattoos will come later, hopefully tomorrow.


10 things I like today

1. Pappagallo Chocolate ice-cream
Had some as dessert today. Pappagallo never lets you down.
2. Lentils
This month I decided to eat only vegetarian food so I have made a new friend out of lentils. Never tasted before, but now I'm in love. I have so far tasted only red lentils.
3. Rain
For some strange reason I have enjoyed rain lately. And forest after rain is one of the most peaceful things in the whole world. Usually I'm a big fan of sun and warmth, but now I don't mind at all that it's raining.
4. Fall
I always get inspired and busy in the fall. After years in school my mind is orientated to be active and ready to learn and do new things in this time of the year. It only takes few months, then I get to the hibernation mode and do nothing until the spring arrives again.
5. Hats
Fall is a great time to use hats. Today I have my new cap on. A black and soft cap with a big button on side. And maybe tomorrow I'll wear my new Diesel knitted hat with that old mowhak logo printed on it.
6. Clean home
It was a joy to wake up this morning and see how clean and (semi-)organized our home was. Nothing beats you down more than a messy and ugly home.
7. Planning
I have millions of things in my head right now. New jewelry, tattoos, our home office project, dog stuff, renovating wishes,... Like today, I often get so carried away with my excitement when planning new things. Yay!
8. Darkness
This is the only time of the year when I'm still able to enjoy the darkness. I put my Christmas lights on and sometimes light up some candels too and enjoy the peaceful light.
9. Pale skin
I must say, this is one strange time. I usually hate rain, darkness and my pale scandinavian skin, but now.. I love it. All my self-tanning lotions are buried inside my cupboards and I don't even miss them! I love how my white skin looks like when I add some pale pink colour on my cheeks and go out to the crispy fall weather. I must be sick.
10. My bullies
Every single day they drive me insane with their naughty tricks and missbehavior but I could never imagine living without them. Like for now, Gekko is screaming on the back room beacuse he wants to go home from work already, but as much as I hate him screaming and seeking my attention, he is still so lovely and happy looking when I go back there that there is no way I could me angry to him. My two little idiots. ♥


Kidrobot by Tarina Tarantino

Lately I haven't been drooling Tarina Tarantino's jewelry from her website. It's been a concious choise of mine as I usually end up being very sad and frustrated after browsing there since there is no way in this life that I would ever get all the beautiful pieces she makes.

Few days ago I had to visit there for other reasons and what did I see.. A new collection from her, this time the lucky one to end up in her jewelry is Kidrobot.
This Kidrobot by Tarina Tarantino collection is not so much for me, but there are some beauties I'd like to mention.

Like this pink long pearl Munny necklace. Cute!
And these Kidrobot Kozik heart neacklaces are hilarious! :)



Hello! Welcome to my home.
We have two bullterriers living here with us.
And a huge cupcake on our wall. I painted it.
Some old and old looking boxes in our bathroom.
This is the small piece of art I bought recently.
And this bully graphic is made by Anneli Woll. She is Gekkos breeder and I got this as a present.
This orange Eero Aarnio chair I found in the dumpster. Uglydoll is a present from my friend and that panda I have had since a one year old.
These pillows are new. Left one from Marimekko and the long one from Indiska.
Like I said in my earlier post, Arizona bottles are beautiful!
This new curtain I got from my friend. It is so pretty that I can't get my eyes out of it!
Water bowl for dogs.
Let me show you the door... Bye!