Today we enjoyed our dinner (Indian take-out) in the sunny park.

My new hair.


Social networking

It's hard to keep up with all the internet networks. And it can be really tiring sometimes, because you have to update your status in multiple networks all the time. So far I've registered myself in Facebook, MySpace, Irc-Galleria (Finnish) and Livejournal. I don't use Livejournal and MySpace anymore, but my accounts are still there. Then if we add all the other places such as Photobucket, Freewebs, Polyvore, Kuvablogi (Finnish) etc... Phew!!

Despite of all those I have an account in... I still made a new one today. Before I even updated my new profile in there, I started to feel as it was a very bad idea. But I don't want to quit just yet, I will check the place for a while and then delete my profile if I get bored of it.

Check my Twitter profile!


Tea time

Last winter I started to enjoy teas more often and since then I have been in love with green tea. But now in my Sthlm trip I found a new love from a vegetarian restaurants tea assortement - Yogi Tea brands Green Chai.

I remembered that I had seen the Yogi Tea brand in Finland too so I headed to our nearst ecoshop Ruohonjuuri to see if they had it. And for my joy, they had the whole series!

Green Chai is said to be an Auryvedic tea with soothing effect. It is also good for meditation they say. I'm not really into those yoga-meditation-finding the inner peace persons. Well.. maybe just a little, but not much. But anyway, the tea is so delicious, the scent blows your mind and maybe it does relax you a little bit too.. Oh and it's organic ofcourse!

I also bought Yogi Teas DeTox tea. Lets see how it works.. And as soon as I go to Ruohonjuuri again I'm going to buy the Bedtime tea, because bedtime is my usual tea time and combining Bedtime tea with bedtime can't be a bad idea.
Maybe I'm turning into a hippie?


My new toy

This weeks Monday I came back to work from my Sthlm trip and I was ready start cleaning the place because some renovation "accident". But what did I found when I opened my shops door?
No mess. No dust all over the place. But THIS!!!!
BF had found me a beach cruiser from sale and bought it for me as a surprise gift!! And he had also cleaned the shop and loaded my fridge and freezer full with food and goodies! Could my week start any better? No!


Stockholm 2/3

Part Stockholm trip in general. Lots of pics that I took, that are not dog show related or pics of the things I bought. Here it goes:

Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Enjoying my smoothie and finnish Deko magazine while waiting to get to the gate.
No pics from Tuesday and this is from Wednesday evening after an exhausting show. But delicious greek(/turkish?) food cheers you up, right?
Friday, my official shopping day. First target: Urban Outfitters!
Old town.
Again, super dinner with friends. From left: Jessica (owns Gekkos mom), Carina, Maggie (who let me stay at her place whole week, thank you for that!!) and Anneli (Gekkos breeder).
But this time we ate smoked salmon and makril, prawns and some yummy sauces and other side dishes.
More food.... From Saturdays dinner. Scampi with lobster risotto and tomato white wine sause. Got some chocolate mousse for dessert too!
Sunday, the last day in Stocholm. Me and Maggie went shopping in SoFo area and saw some lovely shops like this, called The Grandpa.
Coctail Deluxe.
We ate our breakfast in this super cool record shop café called Louie Louie.
For breakfast I ordered a avokado sandwitch with Philadelphia-lemon mix and some rasberry smoothie. Perfect! Garden with lots of roses and a ice-cream stand (or café?).
Pretty window with cupcakes.
Walking towards "home" from Slussen. We took these stairs to get into this lovely and peaceful area. You could hear the traffic noise from the road but up there.. there was still an unique atmosphere.
This old lady had her own little paradise in middle of the city.
Some view over Stockholm.
Adorable old wooden houses in middle of all. I'd LOVE to live in there!
Attempting vegetarian restaurant.
In the end, it says that dogs are also welcome. Have to give some respect for that.
Hummus, vegetarian lasagne, sunflower seeds, quinoa, pasta-pestosalad, beetroot salad, tsatziki, sweet potato sauce, salad leaves and bread. I also found my new favorite tea from here: Yogi Tea Green Chai, mmmmmmmmmm.............!
Last food pics. Snack I ate on the Arlanda airport before going to home. Green tea and shrimp sandwitch.
Wallpainting on Arlanda airport. They left Finland out of it >:(


Stockholm 1/3

I'm back from my holiday in Stockholm and I must say that Stocholm is so beautiful and inspiring city, that I'd like to move there someday. Naturally I took pictures and I divided them in three sections: dog shows, stocholm in general and things I bought. That way I don't have to make one over long post with millions of pics.

Here comes the dog show pics. Basicly I only took pics of Gekkos relatives, some are just random other miniature bull terriers. Enjoy!

Gekkos brother Kasper. Bulliebompa's Copperplate Gothic. I call him marshmellow boy because he is cute as a candy and truly a darling.
Gekkos other brother Putte. Bulliebompa's Cooper Black.
Veronica in the showring with Putte.
Maggie in the showring with Kasper.
Junior female class. I'm the third from left with Wilma (Gekkos sister) and 2nd from left is Bubbles, a lovely mini we have been in obidience classes with. And on my other side is Nikita with Gekkos sister Bibbi.
Putte thought it was too hot weather and didn't want to look showy. Kasper on the otherhand was bit too active, but that was because there was a bitch in season and he wanted to have some mambo with her...
Dier's Golden Ghost of Mooncrafts, called as Ants. This lovely boy won on Wednesday and Thursday and Saturday he did very well too.
Me in the showring with Gekkos sister Wilma. The judge was nice old lady and very friendly, but I think she needs glasses because she saw blue dots on both Wilmas and Bibbis eyes and I can assure you, they both have really dark brown eyes! Old lady just didn't notice it was the blue sky reflecting from the dogs eyes....
Beautiful Wilma (Bulliebompa's Chubby Cheeks).
Putte looking handsome.
Gekkos auntie Bookie (Bulliebompa's Apple Chancery) looking smashing in the show ring.
Gekkos grandma, Mamma Mu with Veronica. Muffins really enjoys shows and they were having a blast with Vera in the ring. Muffins' kennel name is Bullactiv Red Feather.
Gekkos sister Bibbi, Bulliebompa's Creampuff posing on the parking area.