Busy bee

Hey you darlings. Dispite what it seems, I haven't forgot about you. It's just that summer is only few months long and I don't have time for everything. See there're two damn cute bullterrier pups to kiss and cuddle, hairdresser to go to, parks to lounge at, new friends to meet and parties to go to. Between all that, I try my best to write you a line or two.
What do you think about my new steel grey hair Sirkku did for me at Osos Polares? Pretty rad, don't you think! And the pups? No day can go wrong when you get some paw therapy by kissing these little cutie pies.

Pics: Annik


Riot teen Success

Browsing around the internet wonderland led me to a site with few of the bands I used to listen alot as a teen.
Here's a piece of my history. Grunge, punk, riot grrrl,.. Some of which I still enjoy listening now and then. But listening to these and watching the videos, can you guys guess what I looked like as a teen? Not exactly the prom queen kind of a girl.