Moving on

Just one snap shot of my back before getting more ink on it this week. This is what it looks like now with the first splashes of colour and new flowers. Quite a few hours still to come before it's done, sigh.


My survival kit

My receipt for fighting against the ongoing madness and depression:

[x] Important people and one special little bullterrier. All love for them. ♥

[x] Surrounding myself with pretty things. 4 new pairs of Converse Chucks, approximately 10m of Marimekko fabric, a big design investment (after I make up my mind about the colour first), freshly painted frames and cute postcards in them. Oh, and cleaning my home.

[x] Music. Michael Jackson's This Is It black limited edition version & Live in Bucharest (oh memories!) arrived today. I'm going to spend few days at my parents' empty house together with Gekko and just enjoy the DVDs and wind down.

I wish you all a successful week.


Fly away

As promised, I hereby present the coolest of the coolest.. my new sneakers!
A farewell gift from me to myself after leaving the shop owner -life behind. I thought I needed something extra special and these Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers were pretty much a perfect choise. The wings also happen to symbolise leaving, so I think they made a perfect gift for the occasion.
With these wings, I'm feeling bit more confident to fly towards all the new things future will hold for me, what ever they might be.

PS. I might have a problem, I have 4 new pairs of shoes flying to me soon..



My desperate attempt to have a relaxing & productive day today included these activities:

Running errands at the bank first thing in the morning.
Taking Gekko to All Fur Dogz for some fun at the agility / obidience course.
Lunch at the Lemon Grass.
Visiting the Ateneum Art Museum to see their collection on display & photographer Caj Bremen's retrospective exhibition.
A huge bun & hot chocolate with marshmallow & whipped cream at the Ateneum's cafeteria.
A special mention to Ateneum's international art collection's Japanese woodcuts which were amazing!
After being inspired by the former, buying a book about Japanese prints & Kunisada poster.
Making sushi for dinner.
Will & Grace, Family Guy and Friends.
Getting a note from the post office, that my DVD-order has arrived. Which actually makes me realize I still haven't introduced the previous parcel I mentiod before! Gonna do that soon, promise.
Sounds like a perfect day, but behind the scenes there are bit too much going on and I'm seriously in need of a break. Break from everything, but I'd appreciate any sort of breaks offered. That Hokusai's "Mt. Fuji off Kanagawa" piece above pretty much decribes how it is inside my head ATM. Hope it passes soon 'cause it sucks.