Definitely not junk mail

"Dear xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx,
your order has just left the building."

Most e-mails I recieve are pretty boring, but a girl can't help loving these!
I hope FedEx is the fastest ever and I will have something to show you soon. Something, that my cool boss (i.e. me) bought to me as a farewell present when I'm leaving BonBone (and closing it down for good this weekend).


Bike love

So yes, like some of you might have guessed, that cardboardbox in my last post hid my brand new Rainbow Bike in it. And I'm going to keep it hidden from you guys for a while still. Why, since you've all seen the pic of it earlier this month? Well, it wouldn't really be my bike, unless I did some customising to it!

Few parts were missing from the package and I have only started my DIYs last night, so it will take some time untill I'm satisfied. But here's something that has inspired me a lot while planning my Rainbow's final look.


Girly girl

Less than 2 weeks to go and I will jump from owning my own business to working part-time. I have my reasons for it, but more about that later. The reason why I tell you this now, has something to do with less career focused reasons / goals / hopes.
While stressing out millions of different things, I haven't had the time to focus on myself and I have come to realize that even that I love people with distinctive style, I no longer have one. I've become boring.
Soon I will have few day-offs every week and more time to be creative or even put some effort to my looks. I will start with small steps. Make up. Every day, outcluding serious slacking-off-at-home days. My new job won't be the ideal place to start paying attention to my looks, but I will save my efforts outside work.

This will be one of my lists for 2010.

[ ] Wear make-up every day, even if it means just evening your skin tone with some foundation.
[ ] Try new things with make-up, experiment.
[x] Cut a new fringe.
[ ] Wear a vintage slip as a home gear as often as possible.
[ ] Find ways to wear the same vintage slip outside the house.
[ ] Learn to find treasures from thrift stores and fleamarkets.
[ ] Sew, customise, modify, craft.
[ ] During warm seasons, wear less jeans and more skirts & shorts.
[ ] Learn to use over the knee socks without looking like a teenage goth / punker.
[ ] Accept the shape of your face even if it isn't your favorite.
[ ] Learn to be comfortable in front of camera.
[ ] Pay more attention to your hair, ponytail isn't the only option out there!


Peep toe

Remember my mint green Nike sneakers? They turned into sandals, customised by the magnificent Gekko.

Other than getting ready for upcoming summer shoe fashion, I'm busy busy busy. And super bored with my blog's header. Need to come up with something new.


In my Moleskine...

..I wrote "More" and "Less" lists for the year 2010.
My lists for example included parts:
Less spending money on idiotic things &
More spending money on cool things.

The "Less"-part is a desperate attempt to keep my mind focused on the fact that I'm constantly broke and shouldn't really buy stuff that I don't really need.  I want to focus on things that I really need and will enjoy longer.

And what comes to the "More"-part..
I have been very good with that one! Started already and this bike, the coolest bike on the fucking planet, will soon be mine!!! Oh I'm in looooove and can't wait to get it home! It's a magical rainbow bike and I'm going to rule the streets of Helsinki with that beauty starting next spring.  Also if you look closer, my Rainbow wonder has no speeds which means I'm gonna have hell of a muscles too by the end of the summer.

Bubble pic from shop's opening party vol. 2by A