I heart my hood

Annik came back from her business trip to Orlando, FL and brought me some goodies. We live in the same neighbourhood and what could be more appropriate way to salute your hood than this I ♥ my hood -sweater she gave me.

Kallio & Annik, I salute you!



In the spirit of ongoing Helsinki Ink tattoon convention, here're few pics of my newest tattoo(s).

All of them are done by Daniele Trabucco @ Kabubby tattoo. The pocket watch with Michael Jackson's initials was done last autumn, but we carried on my arm this spring with the bird, cage and some flowers. After finishing my backpiece last August I said I won't be getting any more tattoos or at least for a while. Well, I know better now and won't make such stupid statements. More ink will come but when and what.. who knows.


Where to go


It's that time again. Time for all the tattoo enthusiasts, tattoo artists and other magical freaks to gather together in Helsinki to get inked, get inspired and enjoy the colourful tattoo scene. Great Finnish and international artists are there to tattoo, talk and take appointments. Sidekick shows all from burlesque to short art fusions and tattoo competitions make sure everyone has something to enjoy.
I was there last year to get inked, this year I'm just taking parts as a tourist. In case you don't have any plans yet for the weekend and you are in the area I highly recommend you to come to Helsinki Ink international tattoo convention to Kaapelitehdas.


Candy colours

Seems like I'm just plain useless when it comes to holding money. After a long strugle I finally fell for the Moomin tea mugs and got myself Nipsu (Sniff) and Sosuli (Fuzzy) mugs. They make a lovely trio with my years old grey Haisuli (Stinky) mug.


More sneakers!

Just one pair though. Nike Classic Cortez Nylon 09 in bright peachy pink (I quess it's officially red, but believe me it's nothing close to classic red). A pair I found from bElles - Baskets for Elles sneakers store's pop up store at Lasipalatsi Helsinki. They were on sale so I couldn't resist.



I love Marimekko as you might already know and lately I've bought some new stuff to brighten up my spring. First, the Marimekko ♥ Converse collaboration Kirppu sneakers.



What a week! I have so much to do and some of them include learning new stuff and it feels I'm just too dumb for all that. New computer program, new phone, calculating stuff I'm not good at... blah. I'm excited about my new iPhone 4 but changing from Nokia to Apple has been bit complicated. If I had time and energy I'd been using it like a pro by now, but I don't, so my iPhone is neclected and can't show all it's potential to me. At least I got Spotify uploaded to it.


So what ever I have promised about posting "today" or "soon" or "tomorrow" just forget it. The post can be posted in 15mins or within a week. No promises. I'm anxious to get back to blogging, but some boring obligations have to be done first. It's just that I like this blog more than some of my work tasks (some are great, some little less great..) and I have hard time for finding motivation for them right now. So if you see me blogging here once a day, boycot this blog please. No blogging for me for few days!


Spending money again

Ahhh! Spring fever just gets worse!
Last friday was the Marimekko ♥ Converse -day. At 5pm the shoes were finally and officially in stores and I was among the first ones to get my hands on them. Which ones I picked? Stay tuned, I will post pictures after work! This is what I a) have time to post because of the pics I stole from online and b) am very excited about too.

Rütme Hannah pants!