Chunky Monkey

Remember when I thought Gekko had broken my camera? It was also around the time when that cheeky little monkey boy turned 1,5 years. I had planned to take nice pics of him then, but 'cause of the camera thing and me moving to a new home it was just.. well, forgotten.

Yesterday we were at the obidience class again and after it we went to a beach with My home is going to be my Castle -blog's A to take those pics. Since Gekko's overwhelming love towards A makes it impossible for her to handle Gekko, the picture taking was left to her. So thanks a million A!
And for those who are waiting the new pics of my home I can say that it's not done yet. On Saturday I almost finished the kitchen. I could do more in there, but I'm not sure what I want now so at least for some time it will stay as it now is. The doorway/hall/call-it-what-you-want is still unfinished and won't be done until J comes back from Scotland. I don't own a drill so I need his help and can't do anything before he comes back.
And for the top of it all I still don't have an internet access at home. Well I do have the internet, but my laptop's net card is broken, thanks to the striped brown dog also shown in this post.. So try to bare with this painfully slow posting frequency.



I was so bored yesterday with no TV or internet, so I ended up looking at old photos from my laptop and found pics of me, when I still had dread locks. I miss them, they were the easiest hair-do I have ever had.

Coming home from Egypt. As you can see, tanning is not something that I can show off. Thank god to a self-tanning lotions, hahhah! At least I get freckels sometimes.

I had pink bangs for quite a long time. Usually I kept them up with few clips like in the pic.This look is one of my favorites. Don't mind me being in my home-gear, Paul Frank t-shirt and David&Goliath pajama pants.Maybe some day again...



During the first parts of this year, I've mentioned some upcoming changes in my life. I don't know if someone has noticed but I have removed the part "girlfriend" from the About me -section on the upper right corner.
On April Fool's day I got the keys to my new apartment, located in Kallio, Helsinki. It's a compact little home in a peaceful part on the quite colourful Kallio. 22,5 square meters for me, Gekko and Proper. Iines will be staying with J, she will be much happier as an only dog so there's no point for me to take her with me and keep her stressed about the youngsters and vice versa.

It wasn't an easy thing to find an apartment in Southern parts of Helsinki with my budget and demands. I don't need lots of space, but I want to live in nice surroundings and well.. it seems that even a shower is something you need to pay extra! One girl was amazed by the rent I pay and told that in North-Finland where she lives you could get three rooms + kitchen with that amount!
My little home isn't in very good shape, but I was convinced that I wanted this apartment because it had painted white wooden floors, big window and simple and very basic white bathroom (and not some freak-ish 70's brown patterns or something..). With a little renovation (in kitchen, hello! Awful!), I can make it a lovely place to live in.

Time for the piccies then, here's what my apartment looked before I did anything in there.

Livingroom/only room of the apartment. The big window is my favorite part now. Lots of room to pile colour-organized books and some small and cute decore thingies.
Other end of the same room. You can see the "hall" from the doorway. Bathroom is on the left, behind the kitchen. Table, chair and boxes belong to the landlord, I'll dump them to the attic as soon as I get the key.
My small kitchen. My god how terrible! It won't be staying like that, that's for sure.
Bathroom. Cheaply done, but at least it's white. Not going to renovate there much/at all.
Here's some pics about the middle phase where I'd already brought some stuff in there, but hadn't renovated anything yet.
I try to move during Easter. There is still lots to do in the apartment, but nothing that big that I couldn't live in there already. Maybe I'll take some pics before the final "after" pictures.


Lush puppies

So what did I buy from LUSH after all? Loooots of amazing stuff! My plan was to take a pic of my purchases but I was too hasty to try them and unwrap them so you have to settle with these product images by LUSH.

It took me over half an hour to decide what I want. The very first thing I wanted was this super cute, japanese candy shaped facial scrub bar called Sweet Japanese Girl. I have used it for couple of times now and really like it. It leaves a soft oily feeling on your skin and I don't need moisturiser after using it!
Then of course had to take one of their lip balms. After a big fighting Chocolate Whipstick won over apple pie and vanilla scented Lip Squeak.
One of the biggest disapointments about my home is that there's no bath tub. What to do? LUSH is full of the loveliest, most colourful and craziest bath bombs and I can't use them! Solution was easy - an aromatherapeutic emotibomb for shower. I picked up the lime, lemon and grapefruit scented Up You Get emotibomb that should give you a kickstart to a new day.
Of course I had to get one of the soap bars too. After a long and hard "what to pick"-moment I got the Porrige Soap bar. I love the smell on my skin after washing up with this! It's so sweet and vanilla-like and good for sensitive skin.
Shower gel wasn't something I needed now when I still have my The Body Shop Coconut shower gel left, but I had to get a small bottle of this Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel with fresh strawberries.
After my purchases I also got few product samples from the very nice shop assistant. Overall I had a great service in LUSH and there was always someone when I needed help or didn't know what some product was or how it was used. No one breathing on my neck but always close enough so I didn't have to run after anyone to get some assistance.
First sample was a cleansing bar for face called Fresh Farmacy. Haven't tried it yet, but will soon.
Then I got a sample of Ice Blue soap bar that should make a wonderful pair with the Up You Get emotibomb according to the sales assistant.
This was something I concidered buying but ran out of money. A hair conditioner bar Jungle. I tried it on Sunday and don't know yet how I feel about it. Using a bar on my hair feels a bit strange but maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it. Jungle left my hair feeling fresh and maybe little bit thicker. Have to use this for a while to see if I like it or not.
Just before I was about to leave I spotted these surprise bags. I had 10e left so I took the 10e surprise bag that held products worth of 20e inside it. At home I found these in it:
A Chocolate Santa bath bomb.
And a Spicy Curl soap bar, which actually was one of the competitors against the Porrige soap bar! Yay!
There was also too bath bubble bars that I can't find from web, maybe they don't make them anymore. I told before that I don't own a bath tub so I have a bit of a problem now. The Santa will be living in my wardrobe and it's job will be giving a lovely scent to all my clothes. Bubble bars just have to wait until I stay in someplace with a bath tub.