I've spent last few days surfing around the land of blogging and especially focused on blogs that are about interior and stuff.
I have a HUGE fever to decorate a totally new place than what we are currently living in and also make it very different.
Here's inspiration pictures, all from Design*Sponge sneak-peeks site.


Winter boots

We finally got snow in Helsinki. It started snowing on Sunday, but it wasn't a snowflake here and there kinda snowing, it was a storm!

I realized that I needed winter boots, so I went shopping and walked in the storm in my Converses and tried to find cheap and light weighted boots. I already have worker boots from Knox and they are great, but bit heavy to use everyday.
I dream about these black short UGG's
But as we know, they are far from cheap so I was hoping to find some decent fake ones (shame on me!) either black or dark brown.
But there were none! Can't believe it!

My other choise would have been the true retro shoes, Moon Boots! I didn't get a pair when I was a kid, but I could correct that terrible mistake now.Sadly, I had no luck finding them either and I was starting to be in a hurry as we were going to my parents place for a dinner that day.
So as a desperate shoe shopper, I compromised and bought these winter boots, that are familiar from my childhood too, but not as cool as Moon Boots. But a big part of making my decicion was influenced by the price.. 15 euros!

Now I walk with these kinds of granny styled nylon winter boots:

PS. Sorry about not posting my own pics lately. I can't find my camera and I'm starting to be desperate. I will get a new one anyways this or next week so hopefully I can post something of my own soon.


Eeek, collar-mania!!

Phew. Had a rather crappy beginning of the week. On Tuesday I was in tooth surgery to get my last wisdom tooth removed. It was bit trickier operation after the roots were attached to the nerves.

I'm a huge sissy when it comes to dentists so I asked for sedation before the operation so I have only little things that I remember about it. The hardest part wasn't the operation, but tha aftermath with the pain and the drugs. Got some codeine and that deffo doesn't suit me so I ended up throwing up all yesterday. Not fun. I left the codeine and manage quite well without it so I'm back to work now. My jaw is still bit swollen and I can't open my mouth properly but other than that, I have recovered quite well.
I started my workday by going to customs office to pick up a package from US and that totally saved my day. The package had the most prettiest dog collars in it!
Gekko got this Geek collar as he is such a geek sometimes :D
And this is absolutely adorable on Iines. I'm still thinking if I get that pink velvet leash too as a "holiday leash". I usually use leather leashes, but that pink is soooo cute! And feels so soft ♥
Maybe this set for Christmas?


What makes me happy now?

(Except dreaming in front of Johnny Depp pics..)


Lovely mixture of style, attitude and great voice. No matter if you feel like partying or feeling bit blue, Lily Allen is always a good choice.

I lied...

..in my last posts header. I don't want to be Rebecca from Tank Girl. I want to be her. *sob!*


The girl you wished to be

It's the time of the year now when the darkness is here and no one, including me, has absolutely no energy left.
So after a quite boring day, I fell asleep on the couch right after I got home from visiting my dad. I was sleeping and still wearing my shoes and jacket as I was too tired and numb to take them off and then BF came to wake me up and still bit confused as just woken up I hardly understood that he was pointing the tv and saying that isn't this the one I've been dying to see for so long? In a split second I was up and ready to set all my concentrating to the one of the most ass kicking movie ever made: Tank Girl!

When ever you need inspiration and some extra energy, you should definalitely see Tank Girl. Lori Petty is so cute in her character, I wish I would still be in school so I could just take scissors and without any thinking cut my hair like that and paint my nails with wall paint.

I'll let the pics do the telling from now on."Super has left the model!" -Rebecca the Tank Girl