Announcement my darlings

I know it's been superslow in here for a long time. I have a new blog project going on and I have been mainly focusing on that when it comes to blogs.
This doesn't mean that Sushirobot will be deleted, but at least for the while I'm going to concentrate on the new Rainbow Dash -blog where I'm sharing my useless thoughts together with my best friend. You are all super duper warmly welcome to follow us there, but I have to warn all my international followers, that Rainbow Dash is only written in Finnish.

The reason I'm keeping a bit quiet here, is that the topics written in Rainbow Dash are often quite similar to what you guys have used to read from Sushirobot. And right now I have no time or patience to post same posts both in Finnish and English to two different blogs. I'm really sorry for that.

But anyways, darlings...
Welcome to RAINBOW DASH, the place where all the sweet stuff is going on!