I've stopped counting

There. Just days instead of single days. For anyone concidering of getting into a relationship I advise to think again. You'll only get hurt. No matter what good comes out of it, it always ends up someone, possibly you, getting hurt. So I stopped counting, fuck relationships and fuck love. Hello denial and forced happiness. Genuine happiness will be just around the block, untill that I'll just float by and concentrate on everything else except bloody relationships. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Yes, that's sarcasm.

PS. My backpiece is pictured in the newest issue of Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine. Go check it out!


Single day 11.

Not that I'd like to dwell on this, but yup, still sucks. Luckily there're things to look forward to so it doesn't get too gloomy.


Single day 5.

I can not describe my feelings now. It's impossible. I saw Kiddo today and that's the first time after our break up. For me, it seems it's been ages when actually it's hardly been 5 days as the topic already states.
It was good to see her and just not say anything. I feel better or at least different now - just can't describe it.
We talked, but most of the time we just layed on the bed without saying anything and just were there together, mourning our story that's now ended.

With this bit lightened mood now, I'm heading out tonight with friends. I wish it goes well without any setbacks.

Single day 4.

I'm being harsh on myself when it comes to work. I want to work hard and I want to keep myself occupied with that in order to avoid the obvious issue here. But there're things I'm more than happy to leave to others and not even bother to think of doing myself. One thing like that is doing the dishes. My only problem is that if I don't do them, no one else will. Unless. Here's when it gets either ridiculously smart or lazy, depending on who you ask from. Why not pay someone to do them for me!

Thank god for friends who study in University and balance between part-time work and full time school and are always short for money. 11pm today a friend of mine came here, did all the dishes, got paid and then shared a fruit salad with me.
My mom will not be proud, but I sure am.


Single day 3.

Trying hard to look forward and not sparing too many thoughts to the present (self protection?). Good for me, the summer is coming fast and as if that alone wouldn't be just way too cool, the first line up for the Flow Festival was just announced.
This is just the first line up and I'm ready to buy the 3 day ticket already. Not bad.
Just check yourselves and click the picture below.


Many names I like, but I was especially pleased to see Warpaint in that list. I've been listening to them a lot lately.
I'm also trusting to find some new (for me) music this year and perfect way to start exploring the various bands and artists is to listen the Flow Festival 2011 playlist from Spotify. Find the playlist here. It will be updated frequently by the Flow crew.

Summer & Flow Festival come fast. Pain and sorrow piss off fast.


Single day 1.

As much as everything sucks right now and getting rid of all the negative feelings that have taken over my body and mind seems impossible, there's still some bright moments in my day.

These were waiting for me when I came home from work today. An old friend of mine had remembered me with some awesomeness. A dishcloth with MJ on it and an air freshener that smells like a chocolate cupcake.

Thank you! ♥




Wanting everything back.
Wanting to throw everything away.
Never looking back.
Disapointed in every way imaginable.


Where to go

I can't believe it's Friday again! Where did this week go? Well weekend is starting again and I have a great tip for you if you don't have plans for today. I mean what could be better way to celebrate April's Fool than heading to Pasila to see some roller derby? Fool Fighters roller derby bout today at Pasila Sports Hall. Doors open at 8:15pm and the bout starts at 8:45pm.


I will be there, supporting Hurtta Lottas. Tickets 8€ from the door (cash is the king!) and I'm pretty sure there will be some cool merchandise on sale too.