Furtastic Finland

Once again we are talking about the fur industry in Finland in the media. A Finnish animal rights organisation Oikeutta Eläimille published a video material from Finnish sertified fur farms where they found lots of sick, injured and stressed animals which weren't getting veterinary care. The organisation filmed the farms secretly for months and saw same animals suffering from severe eye and gum infections month after month.



About a month ago I did a survey in some random website about what type of interior designer am I. The result was that my style is classic and I favor quality brands with a long design history. I felt bit weird with the result, because I've always seen myself more like a quirky decorator than a classic one. But then I started to look around me. Marimekko, Eames, IvanaHelsinki, Iittala,.. all internationally well known design brands, hmm.


Lazy morning

..active evening. It's a roller derby night tonight. Kallio Rolling Rainbow vs Stockholm Roller Derby at the Kallio Sports Hall. The cruise theme is just begging for me to dress in my blue polka dot CTRL sailor dress, sailors ahoy!


New skin routines

All work and no play makes Success a wrinkly girl. So I headed to The Body Shop after work today to get something for my face. I'm very reluctant to accept the fact that I'm slowly and painfully getting closer to my thirties and it's starting to show on my skin. Especially this winter has been hard. My skin type is very dry (BAD news for anyone getting closer to their first real wrinkles) and I'm very lazy to take care of it.



Bad consciense for sale, bids starting from 4,90€!

Going to a city center for a meeting and then waiting few hours to get my bag from repair got expensive for me. Well actually it was cheap as hell - I made some great deals while my consciense was nagging in the back of my head all the time for shopping at H&M and GinaTricot. But I got this excuse that these are just basic garments for my garderobe. All the "real" clothes I still buy either second hand or somewhere um.. less boring.

Both pics from H&M

Those two jumpers look awfully boring in the pic but they are quite nice on. And cost only 9,90€ each! I also bought a flowerprinted dress and a big grey pullover (4,90€, gosh!).


Soup Monday

As I've been writing at the RainbowDash blog, I've got a serious spring fever. I've been getting up early in the morning, eaten mostly veggies and fruits and when I have had time I've been emptying my head with some light meditation.


She'll propably kick my ass

..for posting this, but I couldn't resist.

Me & my girl. Cheesy eh? Yeah I thought so too.

Hello world!

I'm back! Re-starting the now and then updating Sushirobot again with the post about Ivana Helsinki's new Where the fuck is my sailor? -collection. So cool.

"Where the fuck is my sailor?
Someone out there
you wait to return
someone the sea stoled
someone that hasn't found yet home."

Can't wait it to be in stores, there're at least a couple of dresses I'd love to get my hands on. Simple enough for my style. Check their website for the full collection and pick your favorites.

Peace, love & romance,