Shop shop shop!

I went shopping today in order to spend some of my gift cards I got last Christmas. Before I even knew it, I 'd bought these shiny neon pink heels.. I've been bit worried of my black-is-the-only-good-colour-on-clothes phase, so I suppose these are enough colour to my wardrobe :)Still need more black though.. This lovely dress is perfect for hiding my love handles and Gekkos bite marks on my hands, haha. And it's a totally new style for me, I usually go for more basic dresses. I'm so happy I found this.

And these are my new shorts. Perfect to wear with leggins. I'm not that happy with my thies, so let's see if I can ever make myself wear these without leggins. Anyway, they are super cute!
My little darling stylist and photography assistant making sure everything goes smoothly.

And now is the eve of 1st of May and others are out celebrating and I'm spending my night home alone with dogs, since bf is out on fishing trip. I've made some easy but yummy food to celebrate my own night. Pizza is of course the mother of all foods to eat while wearing nothing but leggins and a warm cardigan and snoozing on the sofa under a comfy flower printed blanket.
My fave is spinatch-garlic pizza.

And for dessert, chocolate dip with fruits and berries.
Easy receipt for the dip:
100g dark chocolate
bit of cream

Melt the chocolate on the microwave (1min) and mix some cream in it. Then 30sec on the microwave again and stir untill it's how dip is supposed to be. Then dip what ever you want in it, but don't burn your tongue, it's hot!!
I had apple, mango, strawberries, rasberries and grapes to dip.

And try to ignore are the spelling and grammar mistakes, I'm too full and tired now to preview this..


Dog's day 24.4.

Yesterday was Dog's day. I forgot to post on time, but I took Iines, my older bullie to walk, just two of us, and took some pictures. Here's she, enjoying her walkie and Dog's day.



These are my favorite pair of jeans. In the morning I was running fast with Gekko, my other bullie, and trying to catch the tram. Suddenly Gekko ran in front of me and stopped before I noticed anything. Well.. by looking my beloved jeans, you know what happened next.. I was on my face on asfalt, sunglasses flew somewhere from my head, purse flew and my both knees and hands got some damage. It hurted like hell (still does) and top of it all, Gekko thought it was the funniest stunt ever and jumped on top of me and tried to rip all my hair off! NOT funny.My knees in the evening. The blood is dried and the bruises are starting to show.
My other hand. You can see the scratch mark and some other bruises on my arm that are made by my lovely puppy Gekko who still bites like puppy dog if he gets excited.
Something good came out of this too, I got a reason to use my kissing lip shaped plaster! And flames on my wrist too.



As a shop owner, I work six days a week. That makes Sunday a very special day for me. Today weather was sunny and I was home alone with dogs, so I made delicious breakfast and took it to balcony with the new Finnish Elle magazine.
I made chocolate dip with banana and grapes and salmonmayo-shrimp-sun dried tomato-toast with organic orange juice. Perfect morning and I got summers first freckles too!
Unlike my breakfast, Elle wasn't as good as I had hoped it to be. Some nice articles and pictures, but way too little eye candy for my taste. Trendi magazine had just written about blogging and now the same topic was on Elle too. But points for Elle for writing about blogging more interesting than Trendi did. I was actually very amazed how big this blogging land is! Some people actually make living out of this?! What the hell? This whole thing is still so new world to me and I apparently have lots to learn...



Summer is soon here and that means no brown/grey/other boring colours anymore! In dog fashion it's the same deal and I have my eyes on these lovely collars that my lovely dogs definalitely need. See, even my dogs need these, not just want, need.
The martingale collar is perfect for bullterriers and other fat necked breeds. Normal buckle collar can easily slip through their heads. I always adjust the martingales so that they don't choke, only 1cm "choking" so it won't slip over their egg shaped heads.

This is my absolute favorite now. Cartoon collar with action phrases like "POW!" and "CRUNCH!" in it. It would make a lovely couple with this childrens spring jacket with similar print and bullies in it. I would post a picture of it, but copying from Seppäläs website is not possible.
This one is cool too. Perfect for geeks. Shame that the colour doesn't go very well with my white and dark brindle dogs. On blue or black it would go very nicely.

This in one of the must-haves too. It's so bright and fresh that my bullie boy Gekko is perfect for wearing it. Happy young boy with lots of tricks and boyish pranks on his sleeve and that orange lace is like a warning sign for those, who are tired and not for a mood for little shoe chewing.

This isn't actually a bright coloured spring collar, but it's from a new spring collection and I absolutely love it. Going to get these for both my dogs. It suits both white and dark brindle so for once I can wear matching collars on them.


Salad and chocolate dip

Me and my BF did some yummy evening snack. Spinatch pasta salad and for dessert chocolate dip and fruits. Now I'm full and ready for shower and sleep.

Mad Hatter

I have this lovely black and pink Paul Frank trucker hat / baseball cap what ever you wanna call it but my problem is, that my head is too small. I have seen lots of tiny girls wearing similar caps, but none of them looks like such an small headed geek with them like I do.

Before, when I used to have loooong dreads it wasn't a problem, because my hair was so thick it made my head normal sized, but now I have normal straight hair and all my caps look ridicilous.
Like these girls. I'm sure they are tiny girls and their head looks normal, not over sized or anything and those caps fit perfectly! Life's unfair.

Maybe some Ed Hardy trucker cap would be nice. Or that male model from LA Fashion Week 2007 on Ed Hardy Show.. well at least his tattooed arms are nice, not yet sure about the face though.
Or this from David & Goliath:

This army cap is fun too:

Maybe I end up mad like Mad Hatter. Mad without hat or mad with ridicilously big hat on my small head.


Camilla Martelius loves bullies!

Who knows the Swedish designer Camilla Martelius? She has created adorable products featuring Bull Terrier, sheep and other cute stuff. My obsession started with the Bull Terrier stuff, but there is other lovely items too.

This lovely bag is very handy, it's small but still I manage to stuff lots of things in it. I often use it when training my dogs, I can put all the treats and small toys in it.

This t-shirt has a picture of Morris the Bull Terrier driving car. I like the picture, but I don't use this shirt much. I bought lady-fit and it's just too short for my taste. Maybe I get some mens shirts next time.

These lovely items are still in my want-list, but I have a feeling that I can remove them from that list quite soon ;) And hopefully I will have Camilla Martelius products on my shop soon too! Make-up bag:

Washing bag:

Hippo purse:

And I NEED this lovely pillow on my sofa:

And this bag holder for plastic bags is so cool. It will solve my endless storaging problems with ugly plastic bags:

Kettle holder:
Fridge magnet:

All pics from Camilla Martelius



Spring is here and it's again time to drool some bikes. For couple of years I've been dreaming about my own customised lowrider, but because some boring money problems and bad timings, I still don't own one.
As a starter, I want a chome lowrider that I can customise and make it look like me. I haven't made up my mind yet, wether I want to paint it with pale pink glittery paint or just leave shiny chrome. I will change some parts to golden twisted ones (or maybe silver?) and then ofcourse some girly streamers are must-have. Grips and saddle has to be leopard print and tires maybe pink, white or black. Some mirrors and horns too and those little colourful plastic pearls every kid had on their bikes wheels in the 80's.

I haven't managed to find many cute bike pics online, but here's some. Not girly, but quite nice.

This one is cool, wrong colour and too little accessories (if you can use that word with bikes?), but I like the idea.
Pic from The Chopperdome

I love those golden parts! White tires are nice too, but green grips and other are terrible, 100% a boy bike and not suitable for a girl like me.
Pic from http://www.nybonecollectors.com/

This is a pretty all chrome bike. Love the spare tire on the back and horn. Very cool bike and both girls and boys would look super driving with that.

Pic from Kreative Power

Not even a lowrider, but this Nirve bike is so pretty on this pic. The whole picture is so pretty and makes you in a good mood, so I had to post it in here. Well, maybe that helmet isn't so pretty, but safety is important.

Pic from The Chopperdome


Long live Tarina Tarantino!

One of my greatest love. The girliest, prettiest, cleverest jewelry that makes my day any day. There can't be sorrows or bad moods that can't be fixed with TT. I heart Tarina Tarantino.
So, unlike I promised in my first post, I seem to be flooding this blog in every few hours. But that's because I'm bored at work right now, and have too much time to surf on internet.

Here's my favorites from Tarina Tarantinos collections and my own TT pieces too.
Queen of Pink jet cameo necklace (one of my first TT necklaces!):

Hello Kitty Russian Nouveau heart necklace:
I have one earrings bit like these. They are different colour, pearl is same colour as in here but the bow is peach and mine don't have those little stones at all and they are drop earrings, not studs.Hello Kitty mascot bag candy (I have this, but HK is dressed up as a pale pink bunny, not strawberry):

Hello Kitty mascot charm necklace (I have two of these, one with HK dressed up as an strawberry and one HK dressed up as an pale pink bunny):
And like a good TT fan, my precious TTs don't live in just any jewelry box, but Pink Head Rose Style jewelry box like this.
And from here are some pieces I would like to get. It's not all, there are tons jewelry from older collections I'd die for, but this entry would be sooooo long if I'd post them all. These are all available now.
Gothic Lolita Pink Head lucite chain necklace:
Pink Head extra large round cameo ring:
Translucen lucite Barbie pendant necklace:
Tokyo Hardcore neon bow anywhere clip (the neon green and orange ones are cool too!):
Queen Alice bow anywhere clip:Lucite cameo bow anywhere clip:
"Hardcore Box" neon pink handbag:
Super sized crystal coctail ring: Baroque lucite "love/hate" multibead necklace:Queen Alice baroque pendant necklace:
Queen Alice toggle heart nekclace:
Tokyo Hard Core neon four row necklace:

Pics from T A R I N A T A R A N T I N O