Christmas plans

As I seem to have even more time, I decided to start planning our Christmas menu. I'd love to make something myself too this year and not just buy all ready or get food from my parents house..
So here's the menu. I added * to the things I plan to make myself. Some dishes of course don't even need preparation.

For sterters:
Fig-rucola salad (figs, rucola, home cheese, grape fruit and balsamico)*
Salted salmon and/or whitefish
Toast with smetana-red caviar sauce*
Pickeld cucumber and honey
Boiled potatoes*
Main course:
Reindeer roast & sauce*
Sweet potato casserole*
Carrot casserole
For dessert:
Chocolate pudding or chocolate dip for fruits
Water seasoned with lemon or fruits
Starting to feel hungry already!


Getting rid off the negativity

I'm back sooner than I thought.. That is so me. I say I have no time and then I have. Also works to the opposite direction.
Anyways, I had to have some blog-therapy. I had so crappy night last night (2 dogs have stomach problems) and crappy day too, so I thought it would make me feel better if I write some positive things in here.
Things I want to do in 2009:
  • Summer vacation in Sweden with Gekko
  • Loose few kilos by eating more healthier - my raw food week is still undone, so may that be in my plan too!
  • Get drivers licence
  • Start to go to bed early and also get up in the mornings earlier than normally
  • Listen to music more often
  • Concider hard if I want to continue with my My Little Pony collection anymore
  • Sell all my useless stuff
  • Start to look for old, unmatching and flowery plates from fleamarkets
  • Paint and decorate my bike
  • Get new tattoos
  • Drink more tea
  • Buy one orchid and try to keep it alive
  • Keep home tidy and nice and remember what my pillow says

Now I feel better, thanks for reading!


X-mas stress

X-mas holidays are getting closer and I just realized I haven't done anything yet! Well, not complitely true, I have my small Christmas tree on the livingroom table and 5 sets of Christmas lights on, but all the presents, food and stuff like that is something I have not even started with!

And I don't even have much time as I can't just go to shopping when ever I want as we now have three bullies here that need much attention and care. Phew.

For my luck, I only need presents for BF, mom, dad and brother. And dogs also, but they are easy to please and I have a homebase advantage with having my own shop. For mom/dad/brother I have things planned out but now I need the time to run around in shops.
Why this always ends up like this? I remember in November saying to BF that we should take care of all the prezzies then so there's no stress in Christmas.. For some reason it only stayed as a plan..
And the fun part is that BF is leaving to Oslo on Monday for some holiday shopping, so that means I have absolutely no chance of going then. Grr..

I also got my new camera and have lots of things I'd love to show you, but I have no time. I hope to make it after Christmas Eve. Then I have almost a week off from work and should have time to do all the fun stuff.
So if you don't hear from me before X-mas, it's just that I have too much to do and no time to update my blog.

BUT if you have ANY ideas what I could give to BF as a X-mas present, please share! He has already everything and I feel clueless.


New family member

Great weekend is over and our family has extended again. Our new "adoption child", little red miniature bullterrier girl called Proper is here.

They make a great duo with Gekko and play all days like crazy. Iines is still only seeing Proper behind the gate, because she is bit stressed after busy weekend and I want her to relax first.


Dear Santa...

Oh no.. So far I haven't been so into high fashion brands so my wallet has been safe. But today I accidentally ran to the new Louis Vuitton / Stephen Sprouse collection. It was love at first sight and now I can only dream of having that bag in pink or orange. And those sneakers, OMG!!!
"Dear Santa..." Hah, I wish!!!



...got my fakies. Not in black though. They had black ones too, but they didn't look as nice as these strange colored brown ones. Love is in the air.........
And I must say to all UGG haters, these are great shoes! I can wear them with jeans, leggings, pyjama pants, army pants.. They are so cute, and soft and if I feel like dressing up, then they are so totally unappropriate that there is no dilemma of choosing a more feminine/fancier pair.


New stuff

I bought a new hat for winter. It was a pure impulse shopping as I just fell in love with this Goorin knitted Lilly beanie ♥Also bought a new long shirt from WESC, but I can't find a picture of in black anywhere!!
This pic of WESC Luella sweatshirt (in grey/turquise) doesn't do justice to my lovely purchase, IRL is very cute.Mine is all black and I love to wear it with black top under it, semi-wetlook leggings, Goorin hat and my granny winterboots.
And sadly I didn't find the fakie UGG's from the store one reader suggested, but today found pretty nice fakies from an another store. Think I'll stop by there this weekend. First I need to go and try on an original pair of UGG's as I just found out that my friend living in a different city has quite cheap UGG's at her workplace.
Have to start counting my pennies and see what I'll get!



I've spent last few days surfing around the land of blogging and especially focused on blogs that are about interior and stuff.
I have a HUGE fever to decorate a totally new place than what we are currently living in and also make it very different.
Here's inspiration pictures, all from Design*Sponge sneak-peeks site.


Winter boots

We finally got snow in Helsinki. It started snowing on Sunday, but it wasn't a snowflake here and there kinda snowing, it was a storm!

I realized that I needed winter boots, so I went shopping and walked in the storm in my Converses and tried to find cheap and light weighted boots. I already have worker boots from Knox and they are great, but bit heavy to use everyday.
I dream about these black short UGG's
But as we know, they are far from cheap so I was hoping to find some decent fake ones (shame on me!) either black or dark brown.
But there were none! Can't believe it!

My other choise would have been the true retro shoes, Moon Boots! I didn't get a pair when I was a kid, but I could correct that terrible mistake now.Sadly, I had no luck finding them either and I was starting to be in a hurry as we were going to my parents place for a dinner that day.
So as a desperate shoe shopper, I compromised and bought these winter boots, that are familiar from my childhood too, but not as cool as Moon Boots. But a big part of making my decicion was influenced by the price.. 15 euros!

Now I walk with these kinds of granny styled nylon winter boots:

PS. Sorry about not posting my own pics lately. I can't find my camera and I'm starting to be desperate. I will get a new one anyways this or next week so hopefully I can post something of my own soon.


Eeek, collar-mania!!

Phew. Had a rather crappy beginning of the week. On Tuesday I was in tooth surgery to get my last wisdom tooth removed. It was bit trickier operation after the roots were attached to the nerves.

I'm a huge sissy when it comes to dentists so I asked for sedation before the operation so I have only little things that I remember about it. The hardest part wasn't the operation, but tha aftermath with the pain and the drugs. Got some codeine and that deffo doesn't suit me so I ended up throwing up all yesterday. Not fun. I left the codeine and manage quite well without it so I'm back to work now. My jaw is still bit swollen and I can't open my mouth properly but other than that, I have recovered quite well.
I started my workday by going to customs office to pick up a package from US and that totally saved my day. The package had the most prettiest dog collars in it!
Gekko got this Geek collar as he is such a geek sometimes :D
And this is absolutely adorable on Iines. I'm still thinking if I get that pink velvet leash too as a "holiday leash". I usually use leather leashes, but that pink is soooo cute! And feels so soft ♥
Maybe this set for Christmas?


What makes me happy now?

(Except dreaming in front of Johnny Depp pics..)


Lovely mixture of style, attitude and great voice. No matter if you feel like partying or feeling bit blue, Lily Allen is always a good choice.

I lied...

..in my last posts header. I don't want to be Rebecca from Tank Girl. I want to be her. *sob!*


The girl you wished to be

It's the time of the year now when the darkness is here and no one, including me, has absolutely no energy left.
So after a quite boring day, I fell asleep on the couch right after I got home from visiting my dad. I was sleeping and still wearing my shoes and jacket as I was too tired and numb to take them off and then BF came to wake me up and still bit confused as just woken up I hardly understood that he was pointing the tv and saying that isn't this the one I've been dying to see for so long? In a split second I was up and ready to set all my concentrating to the one of the most ass kicking movie ever made: Tank Girl!

When ever you need inspiration and some extra energy, you should definalitely see Tank Girl. Lori Petty is so cute in her character, I wish I would still be in school so I could just take scissors and without any thinking cut my hair like that and paint my nails with wall paint.

I'll let the pics do the telling from now on."Super has left the model!" -Rebecca the Tank Girl


Bit more formal party

Today I'm going to a party to celebrate painting companys 100 year in business. This is what I planned to wear:

Why I added the "I just got new boobs!" -sticker in there? No, before you even ask, I have absolutely no planns of adding a toilet paper in my bra, it's just that time of the month so I must say, for ones a low cut dress looks kinda impressive on me. One more reason to celebrate, hahhah!

Ok, time to go and paint my nails with cute glittery nailpolish. I wish you all a very fun and relaxing Halloween weekend!



Want an another peek in our home? Go and get the latest issue of Koti ja Keittiö -magazine and see the big pics and read the article.Pic. Martti Järvi


My newest!

Violet sneakers and leather bag from H&M. The sneakers are feet killers, but hey, the look nice (and they were cheap)!
Zoo York t-shirt from Stockmann sale.
Viking wellingtons from Stockmann sale.


Project Office, part 2

Last night I had an inspiration to start working on with our office project. Last week we bought a PS cabinet from Ikea to store my bags and backpacks. Before they were just shoved inside the cupboard and it didn't look very nice... This far I made it before I gave up with that damn iMac. I'm not used to Macs so I have absolutely no idea of how they work. My biggest achievement last night was to create own accounts for me and bf. With internet.. hopeless.. I have no idea what I do wrong or have I possibly forgotten to install something or am I missing some gadget. Well, hopefully I get some help soon.The office itself is also unfinnished. I want to cover up all the junk up in the highest shelf and I need to hide all the electric cords and do some other decoration in there until I'm satisfyed. But I like the PS cabinet in there, it's so sturdy that dogs won't break it if they go in there to sniff around.
But my favorite in there isn't the PS, but my new light series from Sirius. It's like this, but pale pink and very cute and feminine.
Hope I'm soon able to post the final before and after pics!


Look what I found! 4 new flavors of Arizona, wohooooo! Blueberry White Tea, Blueberry Green Tea, Pomegranate Green Tea and White Cranberry and Apple Green Tea. So far I have tasted the White Cranberry and Apple one and Blueberry Green Tea. Both were great, the first one was slightly better than the Blueberry one.

My only problem now is the empty bottles. I have lots of them and I don't know what to do with them... They are too pretty to be thrown away and on the other hand.. I hate it when people collect some stupid bottles and keep them as a decorative pieces in their homes.
And I still need the basic Ginger and Honey flavored Arizona (non-diet) because it has the most prettiest cherryflower bottle.


Gekko 1 year!

This post is bit late, but my darling little ant baby Gekko turned 1 year on 21st of September. These b-day party pics of Gekko were taken the next day at my shop. Isn't he cute? ♥All pics taken by my friend Camilla Ekberg.