The night of the living dead

Last night was amazing! I learned the whole 6 minute long dance and danced it with 89 other zombies in the railwaystation of Helsinki. The fact that makes me the most proud is, that I have zero, I repeat ZERO, dancing experience nor skills and despite that I managed to learn the dance and take part to this amazing event.
So ladies and gentlemen, Thrill The World 2009, Helsinki Finland!!!


Meet the Bikers

Readers, meet Bikers. Bikers, meet my readers.
These are my new winter boots, a gift from J. They are perfect and done by no less than the legendary boot maker Pekka Lahti from Boot Factory!
I've been eyeing bikers for a long time and now I got my very own pair. ♥ And I'm very happy about the fact, that now that I finally have biker boots, they are not just any soulless pair of bikers but hand made with love and 95% Finnish. At least I think they are made with love, since Lahti has been making boots almost 30 years!
Thanks babe, now my toes won't freeze in winter! ♥


6 days to my holiday (Sweden here I come!)
5 days to This Is It movie
4 days to dentist appointment
3 days to day when I have no plans
2 days to Thriller Live concert
1 day to Thrill The World mass dancing event
0 days untill Iines comes to visit me for few days


Things that make me happy

vitamins art red, yellow and orange leaves on trees and ground re-organized decorations at home painting home-made veggie soup goji-berries Gekko practicing the Thriller dance in the middle of the night Project Runway Finland on tv Sex and the City re-runs learning the first steps of using Photoshop scarves making new orders around the world (work) being active in dog related things my upcoming holiday in Sweden seeing newborn puppies through Skype enjoying the last sunny days cleaning playing board game with J Skin Drink -moisturiser from LUSH LUSH in all its glory Thrill The World chocolate in different flavours tea being helpful even that it's not so glorious all the time my new printer my new hand blender and the smoothies I can make with it I'm going to see the new Katja Tukiainen solo exhibition this Saturday and frankly, couldn't be more enthusiastic! As you might guess, these pics are from her site www.katjat.net. I'd love to see her artwork in my home one day.

PS. If someone hasn't already noticed, I always link the borrowed pics straight to the place where they are taken, just click the pic.



01/10/2009 @ Töölö, Helsinki. Me and J /w longboards.
I still suck, but at least I didn't fall once and can now move and turn with my* longboard slighly better than before. I will still be needing loads of practice, so intresting to see if I learn anything before the winter break arrives. I also found some new muscles from my back today, so I guess this post can be tagged under "sport", hah!
*It wasn't really my longboard, it was one of J's as you can see in the pics. It's bit different than my own and I can control it bit more easier.