I'd like to welcome everybody to the renewed BonBone on Saturday (11:00-16:00) or Sunday (12:00-17:00), this upcoming weekend!

Everything will be new and it's all a consequence of combining the two of Helsinki's first dog boutiques BonBone and Le Petit Chien.

We have painted, organized, sweated very unladylikely, sewed, cleaned, unpacked, packed, ordered, panicked, planned, gotten slightly delusional cause of lack of sleep, glued, sawed, sanded,.. the list just goes on and on, but all was done to achieve what we can proudly represent on this Saturday.

New products, renewed and expanded shop, webshop and lots of other fun stuff, all in the same address in Ullanlinna, Helsinki.

Come and check out the autumn's hottest trends in dog world!



Night of the Arts

Last Friday was the Night of the Arts in Helsinki and of course we took part too. The main event for me was to see the Plasticiens Volants, but when we got there we were hit with the harsh reality, that we certainly weren't the only ones there.
The Esplanadi park was so crowded that after I saw the first glimpse of the fish I had to give up and just make my way out of there. The show ended to the Senate Square but there was absolutely no chance of getting there, all streets were full of people and even breathing was sometimes difficult. So I gave up and me, J and his friend M headed to bar where A later joined us.

This is what I missed.. :(

We later ended up wandering around in Punavuori. Listened an intresting one man electric show in Diana Park, shopped at the Fida fleamarket (2 vintage lampshades 7,70€ in total!!) and Stupido recordstore (Michael Jackson and The Blaster Master CDs and Stupido fabric bag). Then an organic cider at the bar, weird conversations about toe fobias and a walk back home. Once again a fun night out!


New things coming up at BonBone!!!

I'm so thrilled about the new things at the shop!!
I'll keep the doors closed next week while there will be a renovation done. New products, new decorations, new window tapes, new... well.. everything! I can't tell more yet or show anything, but here's a little sneak a peek from a small detail.The opening party will be on 29.-30. of August (next week already!!) and everyone is invited. More about that one later too.


And they say blonds have more fun?

Bullshit I say, it's redheads that always have more fun! Crazy weekend behind!!!
Delicious hot pot meal for 2 in a great Chinese restaurant checking out the new club Nude delicious drinks great time and company girly clothes surprise birthdayparty getting ready and having those difficult decicions about what to wear LILY ALLEN!! stealing pints from a bar dancing at the beach in the middle of the night singing Michael Jackson hooping and loosing the control of the hoop so it hits and smashes everyhing inside the apartment late night (or maybe it was morning already?) pancakes too loud music drinking untill 7am...
Star-shaped glitter glued to my face. It's the Flow festival time!

Drunken moonwalk at the beach. At least I got the sequins right!
Happy Gekko. Having his favorite person A as a guest and also he wasn't told to get off the bed like usually. Yeah I know, not fair but the hangover was so horrible that even thinking about Gekko's rules in the house was too much to ask.All pics by A, except the last one.


Something new..

After a perfect day I'm about to do a little make over. Here's a sneak-a-peek.Hope to get pics about all the fabulous things I bought today. I found out that I had quite a few unused gift cards so I ended up buying 2 skirts, 2 bags, 1 leggings and lots of other small and random things. Color scheme goes all the way from neon orange to calm grey-ish beige... Exciting!


What's with all these lists?

I'm noticing I need to make happy-lists to beat the stress I'm going through, so here's a new list about things to be super excited about!

Peaches - yummy yum yum!! going to see friend play roller derby and seeing if that'd be a sport for me too tattoos (want a new one!) getting a new hair soon weekend getting my new hoop soon cute heels bright colored make-up


Opioid ant

Last weekend was one of the most horrible ones I've ever experienced. My little ant boy suddenly got so sick, that he had to be taken in to animal hospital's intensive care unit. He was in huge pain and no vet seemed to find out what was wrong with him.

I got him home yesterday evening and today we have stayed home recovering. I feel like a stay-home-mom sleeping only 2h at a time, making oatmealporrige (with some saithe to make it a proper recovery food for the little doggie) and feeding him with a spoon. He has been very reluctant to eat or drink but with some TLC, he's now getting better and stronger hour by hour.I'm superhappy that he is recovering now, it was terrifying to see him that sick. He still doesn't have a diagnose, but the vets think it might be some infection inside his stomach and/or intestines. Caused by bacteria or virus, they don't know. The main thing now is, that he's better and soon back to his cheeky self.

Here's a hilarious video that cheered me up quite a bit. Found the link to it from Mai's blog and btw, she has a great blog, go and check it out!

Thanks to A, who has been giving me and Gekko a ride way too many times, kept me company when Gekko wasn't home and been there for me in all the different ways that can be imagined. Thanks also to J and Iines for letting me stay at their place when I couldn't be home alone and E and all the other super people around me for all they've done. ♥