Virus? Mental disorder? Strange bug?

I must be either sick or insane.
Today I got home from work (walked of course with Iines and dragged a dogfood bag with me and heavy shoulderbag full of weird stuff) and without resting even a bit, I started cooking for bf. What?!? I hardly cook, like really cook, for myself and now I find myself cooking ONLY for him even if I'm tired.
And this gets worse...

After cooking I cleaned the whole house! Vacuume-cleaning, dusting, organizing, all that! Next I think I have to find a nearest doctor to check me out in case some deadly disease that makes me act like this.

Btw, while I was vacuuming the kitchen, my darling little Gekko dog had managed to get trapped in my christmas lights hanging from curtain rod. When I went to the livingroom he was happily coming to see me and the lights, curtain rod and curtains were following behind him... Busy little man.

Here's what I made. Spicy garlic pepper-carrot soup. Bit flavour from goat cheese, but not much since he is dieting. I like it, but I put bit too much chili sauce for my taste, so I bet he likes it.

Oh, and notice my new pink soup bowl. Bought two of those from Moko few weeks ago.


Birthday (Warning: long post, lots of piccies)

I'm no longer 24. My birthday was on Saturday and now I'm officially nearer 30 than 20, and I try not to freak out about that (with little succes).

Other than that little age crisis, I had a great weekend!

Saturday evening me, bf and doggies went to my parents house to eat yummy eat. Menu was artichoke-sundried tomato salad, shrimp pasta and b-day cake. And ofcourse I got a b-day drink too, made from strawberries and champagne.

I got lovely presents too!
This black Mariskooli had been on my want-list for quite long time ♥
And I got two products from Lush. Had to try them immediately in sauna, and they are as good as they say!
And this lovely summer shirt, it will be great with my denim shorts and some bright bikini top.
And this Uglydoll I got from my friend. Isn't he adorable in his ugly way?
On Saturday bf told me that we are going to celebrate my birthday on Sunday. I had no idea what he had in mind so I was anxiously waiting on Sunday for he to come home from work.
When he got home, he told me to get ready that we are going somewhere in the city. After we got near Kamppi shopping centre, he gave me 500€ and told me that we are going shopping and all that money needs to be spend on my new clothes and/or accessories only!
I was so happy, because I'd been wanting new clothes and since I rarely have money to spend on anything this was like a lottery win for me.
So we spent the whole afternoon shopping and trying on different clothes. And stopped to crab a bite in Fazer bakery.
This is what I bought...
A straples summerdress from Carlings.
A close up of the pretty print.
T-shirt with old school style tattoo print.
This pic is on back side.
Short sleeved velour hoodie with some girly details.
New sneakers. These are so good to wear, feels like I would have always walked in these.
Super cute yellow heels, also very comfy to wear.
Diesel skinny jeans. I made an exeption of my usual style and bought some other colour than the usual blue or black. I feel a bit teen age punkrocker in these, but I try to ignore that thought.
Long black shirt with a neon colored (colors are fading in this pic, IRL they are more brighter) print of a girl in it.
Two long basic tops, pink and black nail polish, sunglasses and a haircolor.

This isn't mine. Bf bought it for himself, but as I always wear his clothes, I wanted to put this here too. Haha, poor guy, tries to update his wardrobe and I steal all his new clothes!


Hey Miss Fashion, let's play!

Oh I'm in LOVE with this fun editor called Polyvore! I could spend hours and hours just by playing with this. Here's something I've put together today.

This is my I love You / I hate You set, inspired by those Tarina Tarantino pieces. This one is also my favorite set.

And my Bang Bang set...

Poodle. not very happy about this one, but I'll put it in here anyways.


Cupcake fever!

I have a cupcake fever, you'll find out later why.. But now, look at these pretty cupcakes! ♥

Villain extraordinaire
These cute Halloween cupcakes and many other I found from Swedish cupcake blog Baka en koppkaka!, a blog of very talented girl. Cakeblogs are always nice to browse through, but so not good for your diet!
I thought this cool t-shirt would be very appropriate to represent the fashion section in this post.Johnny Cupcake Clothing


Surprise package

I recieved this package yesterday. Had to take pictures of that lovely gift wrap.Inside was this book about the elementary shcool that turns 100 years this year. The school is located near my shop and one of my customers came to ask me, if I would like to support that book by advertising in it. I couldn't say no.

Everyone who knows me I'm not big fan of children. Nicely put... But at least I now have all their kids pictures and names so if they ever bug me again, haha. Revenge!
Anyway, kids or no kids, that pretty package made my day.


I want..

I want to get a tattoo, preferably many tattoos. I want to go to London. I want new clothes. I want a new lowrider and decorate it with my new vintage bike decoration thingies. I want to go to Stocholm. I want to go to Paris. And Tokyo. And Rome. And New York. I want new hair cut. I want a new haircolour. I want hot summer. I want.


1st of May aka Wappu

After my quiet night at home, the next day was full of activities. It was Wappu and like thousands of other Finns, I headed to Ullanlinna to see my friends and crash their picnic. Weather was cloudy but still warm enough for me to wear my brand new dress and heels. Here's some pics from yesterday. My heels and bag with Tarina Tarantino bag candy.
And my champagne which I decorated with a golden bow.
E and her fabulous yellow earrings ♥
There were surprisingly many dogs too. Actually I concidered taking Gekko with me too, but soon came to my senses and left him home. It would have been a great opportunity for him to learn to be around LOTS of people, but maybe I'll choose some other time and place.. and without drunken people...
That's me...

Me and E looking dorky, haha!

Cool helicopter balloon.

E's friend A.

E text messaging and trying to get lucky.....
These were soooo good!! I ate 6.

A's cool candy bag and E's kitty shoes.

Depressed P1, worrying about her upcoming first day of work.

E and P2.

Funky Lady!

My My Little Pony balloon I got from bf.