My weekend's most enjoyable moment was when I visited this beautiful Japanese garden. Thanks to Tiina's countdown I didn't miss the cherry flowers this year. Perfect time for them to bloom, my very good friend is soon going to Tokyo for couple of weeks and I'm pretty much dying out of jealousy. This eased my pain a bit (or made it worse.. hmm..).


Yummy yummy yummy

Saturdays are always important for me because Saturday is the only work day that ends early enough for me to go shopping after work. Today is the day I'll hit the town in the afternoon and my target will be the new(-ish) LUSH in Helsinki. I'm so excited!
I love the overwhelming scent in LUSH stores. It's totally too much and I don't understand how anyone can work there without getting a serious migrane, but just to stop by now and then - it's amazing!Today I have already spent the whole working day surfing in LUSH website. Reading those product descriptions is like pure sex. Vanilla, strawberries, orange, grapefruit, cocoa butter, honey, jasmine, chocolate, banana... oh my.. And it's not just the scent that blows me away, also the colours, texture, shapes, the fact that all are handmade from fresh ingredients and no animal testing used. How cool is that! I could sign up to be their product tester. LUSH people, if you see this, give me a call!And you know what else would make me really happy besides testing LUSH products? A bathtub! How much I'd love to try those joyful bubble bars and big and colourful bath ballistics. If I ever blog about any up-coming trip I will be making and say I'll stay in hotel, please remind me before I go to stop by at LUSH and buy some bath fun to take with me to the hotel bathtub.


Small post

A week has passed again without any new post, sorry for that. I've been very busy and also the day I decided to post the "what's in your bag" -post, I realized that my beloved Tazmanian devil dog Gekko had broken my new Canon. So maybe the next pic I will post after fixing my camera will be about my new bull terrier fur gloves... They really say you can't live without dogs huh? Makes you think...
Nah, Gekko is my darling. Causes more grey hair on my head than it's even legal, ashames me in public by farting in bus, whining and jumping to greet people when he shouldn't but still is the loveliest dog in my life. My little monkey child.Ps. Can someone tell me why some of the pics I put here can be clicked larger and some can't?



Weekend! What are you going to do in this sunny (hope it's as sunny as it's here where every you are) weekend?

I sure know what I'm gonna do. LOTS of hooping I can tell you! Got my very first custom made hoop delivered to me yesterday. Silvery prisma tape with yellow and pink stripes. *love*
It's so much more fun to hoop with a real big and heavy hoop than those toy hoops I bought from toystore a while ago.
Strarted practising yesterday evening and spent hour and a half hooping and learning all the basics from stalling the hoop to spinning in both ways and hooping in both ways and moving a bit. Now my hips and lovehandles are sore and bruised and I love it! ♥So this weekend will be full of hooping and listening to CSS - Donkey album. Have a great weekend!


Not Cool, Dude!

Bumped into these hilarious callout cards by thatsnotcool.com. Not so hilarious subject, but this is what it's all about:

"Your cell phone, IM, and social networks are all a digital extension of who you are. When someone you're with pressures you or disrespects you in those places, that's not cool."
Many (or all?) of the cards are ment for couples, but I can find many of them also suitable for some of my ex-friends. Anyways, great finds, I had a blast reading these! :D


London calling

Union Jack
I've always loved London, but lately there has been bit more severe Britain fever sneaking up on me. It all started, when I was shopping some office supplies for my work from book store and while being there just quickly checked if there was anything intresting in the interior book shelves.
And there was, New London Style.

That strange Union Jack wall rug or what ever it's called appealed to me for some unknown reason. Since buying that book, I have been very into all kinds of Union Jack themed things. It's actually very strange, as I a) don't like flags b) don't like blue c) don't like red and d) dislike most of wall rugs I've ever seen.

I'd love to get these Converse All Stars sneakers with Union Jack on them, but sadly the store I have one unused gift certificate left, don't have them in my size.

In reality, I think this has to have something to do with my unbearable desire to travel. I've been in London for few times and love the city. But I would also be very happy to travel anywhere else too.

HEY! Almost forgot!! There's a competition in the Cool Cupcake blog (sorry, it's in finnish)! Go check it out and try if you are one of the lucky ones winning the cute prices!