Planning vol.2

Today I already started choosing what clothes to take in Stockholm in case I need to wash something. I went through my wardrobe and then with a help of Polyvore, I created the sets for you to see and me to remember.

You have already seen the travel outfit so here comes the rest of it.
Tuesday is the arrival day and on Wednesday I head to a Terrier Special Show with my bulliefriends.
This is for the show:

And for Thursdays Bullterrier Special Show I might use something like this from my previously made Polyvore set:

Friday is my shopping day and then I'll wear something like this:

Saturday is again a show day, this time heading to the World Winner Show '08 and planning to wear something like this from my earlier created Polyvore set:

Sunday I'll fly back to Finland and my plann is to wear what ever I come up by mix and match from the sets above.
All my outfits for the shows are casual but as I'm there only as a turist it's not that important. If I would be handling dogs in the ring, the I'd have to use more classic outfits and not that bright and street styled as my outfits are now.


Project Office, part 1

Yesterday arrived our new iMac. It has 24" screen so some organizing is needed to find a good place for it. Kithen table and livingroom table are out of question because of Gekko. He would smash it in minutes.

So it was time to start re-thinking our old plan to make an office in to those cupboards we bought years ago from IKEA. Back then we chose shelves that would imitate a office table, but in the end, the cupboard ended up as a storage and our laptop lives on the sofa.

I'll post the "before" pictures here now and lets see how long it takes us to turn that storage hell to a home office.... It's the first cupboard on the left, rest are for our clothes and other random stuff.



This summer I actually have a little holiday! One week without any work and I'm heading to Stockholm to see three dog shows and maybe some shopping around Stockholms little boutiques too.
I'm super excited to go, this is just what I have wanted. Holiday in a beautiful city with super shops and at the same time, I have a chance to meet Gekkos brothers and sisters and his breeder too and all the other nice people. And I get to stay in Maggies home all the time in Södermalm! No boring hotels and the best of it, there will be other friends too and all the shops are near!

So.. I have done some planning. I have already made the list of the shops I want to see and I'm using Polyvore to plan some outfits. Maybe I'll take totally different clothes with me, but planning is so much fun.
This would be my traveling outfit.

Bananas and fruit juice are essentials to keep me energized and away from dehydration (one of my biggest problems.. not drinking enough). Big black hoodie and skinny jeans, because there is always cold in airplanes. My new yellow heels to add a little "international feeling" and a flower clip in my hair.. just because it's summerholiday.
I have one old suitcase which I'm planning to fix if possible, so I can take it with me. My pink iPod to keep me company and shades in case it's very sunny in Sweden (hopefully!)

I'll post other outfits later, they are not done yet.


Namesake bag

Gala Darling from iCiNG asked her readers to describe what would their namesake bag look like.

I started to think about that, and found it pretty fun idea to design my own bag.

It would be made from worn out black leather patches (no new leather, recycling and oh so trendy ecological values and so on). In size it would be big, so I can carry all my essentials and more in it. I constantly get comments from bf about my bags, that are often way too big for all the important things and they are always filled with some weird useless crap. But I like having my life in a bag, so this one has to be big baglady bag too.

Zipper has to be big enough, so it can cope my bullies teeth better than some small plastic zipper. My bullies are greedy little bastards and they are always searching my bag and hoping to find dog treats that I carry often.

Inside lining would be very bright neon pink (that color makes me happy), thik nylon. I'm a very messy person and my bag is always dirty. So easy wipe cleaning is a great choise for my lazy ass character. And even though the bag is black and easy to wear with most outfits, the neon lining adds its own touch and I can see happy colours every time I open my bag.

The design itself should show all the different sides of me and still be quite simple so I can wear it with different outfits. With skinny jeans, huge hoodie and colourful big sneakers and also with girly dress, leggings and heels.

Little bit of retro( worn out look and patch work), little bit of big city attmosphere (I ♥ NY styled I♥Me pin) and a girly vibe (pink lining and a satin bow pin). And not forgetting my sometimes tomboyish look. And you can change the look by changing different pins on the outside pockets. Maybe some delicious Tarina Tarantino bag candy too... Or then just use it without any pins and decorations!

Two big pockets outside to hold my iPod, mobile and keys in. And the bag itself would be divided in two inside. I don't like too much small pockets inside, because a) I never use them and only toss all my stuff to the bottom of my bag and b) I tend to forget what is in each pocket and then when I need something, I can't find it.

So two bigger sections would be great, then there is an opportunity to even try to be organized but I don't have to think about it that much. Me, lazy? Noooo...
For example, It could be worn like this. Mary Kate Olsen shows the way.


Iines 5 years!

My darling little Iines turned 5 years yesterday.Menu of the b-day party:

*Self-made carrot-peanutbuttercake. Frosted with pink yoghurt and decoreted with dog bisquits, nonpareil and liver paté
*Dog bakery bisquits (in shape of b-day cake, pear and doughnut)
*Fresh apple slices

As a prezzies, she got new bright yellow rain coat and a cake shaped plush squeeky toy.

The last picture is after the party and playing with new toy when Iines still thought there was room in her tummy for more cake. ♥

My silly birthday girl. XOXO



Few months ago I purchased two lovely pink bowls, but I had no idea if there were more products in this series and where could I find them. Recently I bumped in to the pictures of my bowls and ended up to Rice webshop. My bowls are handpainted Italian tableware and they are described like this:
"Think Alice in Wonderland meets boho chic meets hip granny. Mix and match and collect."


I have these. But I have this feeling, that these won't be the only ones for long...

Here's some other ones to drool on.


Oh joy!

Yesterday morning I was in a bad mood and decided to take a bus instead of walking to work. It ended up to be a very good choise as I spotted an interesting looking shop from bus window.
At work I immediately went online and found their site and guess what?! They still had Nikes limited edition Bambi sneakers on stock in my size!!! Wohooooo! I called there and there was one pair left. They close earlier than me and open before me, so there was a small problem, but the shop keeper boy promised to wait for me over an hour so I could go there after work. How nice of him!

Here's the link to the shop: BISQUIT STASH

And... tadaaaaa! Here they are, my lovely Bambi sneakers! ♥

Now I must say I have enough shoes. Or at least a decent amount. Few months ago I only had very dirty and broken Vans styled slip-ons that E brought me from Asia as a souvenir a year before. Now I have 3 pairs of heels, 1 pair of Converse Chucks, 1 pair of Adidas Super Stars, 1 pair of black sneakers and 1 pair of Bambi sneakers. Great!



Quality time with doggies

Yeasterday I took Gekko to see boats for the first time. It was sunny and warm and there were lots of other people and dogs too. Gekko had so much fun, that it was pretty difficult to take pics of him, but here's few.
Then today was Iines' turn to spend some time with me. Before work, we went to the park to play and bask in the sun.


Daruma Sushi

Yesterday me and bf went to eat in a new sushi place called Daruma Sushi. Their sushi was great, but expensive like usual.. I don't get what makes sushi so expensive compaired to other food. It's so good though, that there's no room for boycotting sensless prices. My only choise is to shut up and eat! :D