My hair shortened a bit again. The side you see in the pics is the longer one. Other side is completely shaved to 6mm length.

It's so funny to run down my fingers through my hair now. To other direction it feels so smooth and to other it's harsh like a doormat, hahhah! But have to agree my co-worker who said my hair is now a "stroking hair". It's nice to stroke it and it's even nicer when someone else does it.


Suvilahti calling

Yeaaaahhh, fist artists for the Flow Festival have been announced! And as expected, amazing music coming up in August!


Helsinki Fashion Stock Sales @ Wanha

After a calendar mix-up I made my second attempt to attend Helsinki Fashion Stock Sales today. I tried to keep my wallet tightly closed but couldn't resist on getting these babies... Yum.

Vivienne Westwood Melissa heels
CTRL Time Out polka dot dress
CTRL Sasquatch collar shirt

If you are at the area you should definitely go there. It's a quite small event and the atmosphere is very nice and friendly, I enjoyed it alot. And the prices are very reasonable...


Day at the Old Town Bay

Summer's 1st picnic included:
-Organic baby spinach
-Horse meat
-Raw spiced salmon
-Greek feta cheese
-Mushroom salad
-Mango/curry/shrimp salad
-Honey aloe vera drink
-Ginger beer
-Green Ice Tea


It's time again..

..to go and see the cherry blossoms at the Japanese garden. Only this time we were even more late than last year. Oh well, the frogs were cool.