Climbing for b-day

BF has his 32th b-day today and as a girlfriend with very limited funds, I decided to give him a special time with me as a present. Lately we haven't had that much time together and only thing we have time and energy for is watching tv and eating. So I wanted to try something new, so I'm taking him to rock wall climbing and see how it feels. Maybe we'll get a new hobby out of it? Or then we fall down and never want to try that again, haha.

And as he has no access to internet now, I can safely reveal this in here. But we can't go climbing today because the climbing center has still it's summer openin hours and we work that time. But on September we'll go and give it a try.

I hope the wall in the center is as cool coloured as this one!I also baked banana cupcakes yesterday, but as a crappy baker... well.. I'm just glad no one saw them as they looked like sad pancakes. Taste was excellent, but in the end my goal was to make something very good looking treats for the b-day boy. Maybe I'll try again today. This is something I was aiming for:And when you someday get our internet connection fixed and see this..
I want to wish you very happy birthday! ♥

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