Need something to cheer you up?

Want to laugh so much that your stomach hurts or just go through all your frustrations towards certain lovers, roommates, friends, etc..? In that case I can warmly recommend the most thrilling blog out there:


Works also just as a pure entertainment for boring days:

“hey, gross person, if you keep ramming your tongue down my throat like a disgusting monster, I’m going to suffocate and die.”
You're a bad kisser 

"You wish you looked more like Audrina? Is that the one with fake tits? Oh excuse me, I wasn’t previously aware they all have fake tits, allow me to be more specific—-the one with the fake tits and dead eyes? Wait——-why won’t the channel change? OH MY FUCKING GOD IS THIS A DVD?!?!"
You watch The Hills

“dis can nvr be.”
You are a Chatroulette Fetishist

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