I've been on a summer holiday for the last two weeks. Did nothing and everything, stayed in Helsinki for the whole time except for the one day long leap to the west coast to Turku. I think I've never had this relaxed and energizing holiday in my life.
I've cleaned my home from floor to ceiling (well not quite, but at least I cleaned), bought new bookshelf, sold a lot of crap in Kallio park fleamarket and bought my very first outdoor plants.

Attended to girls only houswarmingparty and had amazingly delicious home made cupcakes, macarons and sushi.

Saw friends at a brunch in Siltanen.

Had a lunch with my hairdresser and a very good friend, who also gave me a new, British football hooligan haircut, which I adore.

Took a pic of myself in Café Bossalina's toilet in Turku and had delicious Russian blinis with honey at the Restaurant Day's pop-up restaurant in Helsinki.

There, that's what I've been up to lately in case you were wondering. And besides all things mentioned above, I also learned to skate with a longboard. Coolest thing ever and so far I have managed to stay in one piece and broke nothing.
Monday, back to work.

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