Talk less, skate more

The title is just a one good piece of an advice I read from the article Never skate with scissors, and other advice for surviving roller derby. The article was a tip I and other new Helsinki Roller Derby's skaters got when we recieved the email, that we were accepted to the Fresh Meat Training Program after last Sunday's try-outs.

I'm becoming a roller derby skater, can you believe it? I still can't! But it will be amazing I'm sure. So far I've attended to an open skate event, an off-skates rehearsals and to try-outs and enjoyed every second. I'm anxiously waiting our very first practice next Sundayr. My three roller derby idols all come from Helsinki Roller Derby's All-Stars Team. Kata Strofi and Bambi CrushBone are teeny tiny, petite ladies with a fierce attitude and amazing skating skills. Suvi Hokkari, a friend of mine who introduced me to roller derby is a scary blocker and someone, I wish never to end up bouting against in the name of my health. Those three are my derby idols and the ones, whose skills I will keep in mind while learning my first steps in roller derby.

But I do have a problem. And it's not a small one and something to take too light hearted. I need a derby name. It has to be cool, witty, whimsical, cute, bad-ass and easy to pronounce. All in one. So if you see the promblem here and have any ideas, please do not hide your wisdom but share it with me! After all, sharing is caring!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

You could be My Little Phony as you already have Rainbow Dash -blog! -Ville

Success kirjoitti...

Thanks! That's a great idea, I'll keep that in mind :)