Finding the spirit of Christmas

These hectic months haven't had me time to think about Christmas much. Today I suddenly had Christmas kicking me right in the back of my head and instead of going to bed early as planned, I stayed up installing fairy lights on the windowsill, wall and around the doorway. Maybe it was the first snow in Helsinki, blogosphere filled with Christmas themed posts or a lazy evening at home while the Presidental Independence Day reception was on in television. I'm badly missing some warm glogg now, so that will be on my shopping list tomorrow.
Last year I made a Spotify playlist for Christmas with Annik. It's full of tacky Christmas songs, old school classics and some of our random favourites. The playlist is actually quite terrible but does it's job, even after a year long break.
So from today on, my Christmas has started! Next week I'm heading to Stockholm for one day and hopefully get some Xmas shoppings done too. My happiness factor of the day has increased a ton after finding the Christmas spirit. How am I supposed to sleep tonight when there's so much to be joyful of?!

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