Bit more formal party

Today I'm going to a party to celebrate painting companys 100 year in business. This is what I planned to wear:

Why I added the "I just got new boobs!" -sticker in there? No, before you even ask, I have absolutely no planns of adding a toilet paper in my bra, it's just that time of the month so I must say, for ones a low cut dress looks kinda impressive on me. One more reason to celebrate, hahhah!

Ok, time to go and paint my nails with cute glittery nailpolish. I wish you all a very fun and relaxing Halloween weekend!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Very pretty!
I am flying to Stockholm on sunday...do you have any advice for me to see or go shop? I've been there before so I already done all the sightseeing...do you have some insiders?

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Hmm.. not much. Only that go to Södermalm! There's so much more intresting to see than the "basic" large department stores.

There are lots of cute little second hand shops, cafés and so on. Bondegatan is good and all the small streets around it. Also very beautiful people walking around there.

And don't forget Urban Outfitters! It's not in Södermalm, but still worth of seeing. I know you have UF in Germany, but just in case you have not visited there, go see the Sthml UF :D

And if you like vegetarian food (or want to try it), I highly recomend Hermans!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thanks...I will definitely check out Urban Outfitters, we have 1 in Hamburg, but I haven't made it there yet and I've been to a couple ones in the States and Toronto! I love it!
I am a Vegetarian, so I might check that place out!
Ja, I know, swedish people are very pretty! ;)
In case you have a facebook account- here is mine: