Winter boots

We finally got snow in Helsinki. It started snowing on Sunday, but it wasn't a snowflake here and there kinda snowing, it was a storm!

I realized that I needed winter boots, so I went shopping and walked in the storm in my Converses and tried to find cheap and light weighted boots. I already have worker boots from Knox and they are great, but bit heavy to use everyday.
I dream about these black short UGG's
But as we know, they are far from cheap so I was hoping to find some decent fake ones (shame on me!) either black or dark brown.
But there were none! Can't believe it!

My other choise would have been the true retro shoes, Moon Boots! I didn't get a pair when I was a kid, but I could correct that terrible mistake now.Sadly, I had no luck finding them either and I was starting to be in a hurry as we were going to my parents place for a dinner that day.
So as a desperate shoe shopper, I compromised and bought these winter boots, that are familiar from my childhood too, but not as cool as Moon Boots. But a big part of making my decicion was influenced by the price.. 15 euros!

Now I walk with these kinds of granny styled nylon winter boots:

PS. Sorry about not posting my own pics lately. I can't find my camera and I'm starting to be desperate. I will get a new one anyways this or next week so hopefully I can post something of my own soon.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Um, yikes! With all respect (I really don´t mean to sound offensive!), but those are some hideous shoes in the last picture o.O

I have actually seen fake uggs at least in K-kenkä in black and dark brown. I think they cost like 29,90 euros? I was really tempted to buy the black ones myself. They would be perfect for morning dog walks :)

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Haha, non taken! :D I would be lying, if I'd told you I absolutely love those.
But it is only a solution untill I find something better. And thanks for your hint, I'll hopefully will soon find my own fakies from K-Kenkä!

And I must admit, I do feel bit brave walking in those in public :D They go well with my grey Diesel hat (with ear flops of course! :D ) and long black jacket.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Voihan talavilenkkarit! Itellä oli täsmälleen samanlainen malli vaalianpunasena!

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Ihanan kamalat toppasaappaat :D Ja toppasaapas ei ole toppasaapas, jos niitä ei astu vähän linttaan niin että nilkat vääntyy.

Kiiki kirjoitti...

oi mä just kattelin Citymarketissa, et kehtaisinkohan ostaa tuommoset mummosaappaan :D Hienot ne minusta o! vaiks kaikki muut niit oksentaakin. mut mun mielestä tarralenkkaritkin on ihanat :D