The girl you wished to be

It's the time of the year now when the darkness is here and no one, including me, has absolutely no energy left.
So after a quite boring day, I fell asleep on the couch right after I got home from visiting my dad. I was sleeping and still wearing my shoes and jacket as I was too tired and numb to take them off and then BF came to wake me up and still bit confused as just woken up I hardly understood that he was pointing the tv and saying that isn't this the one I've been dying to see for so long? In a split second I was up and ready to set all my concentrating to the one of the most ass kicking movie ever made: Tank Girl!

When ever you need inspiration and some extra energy, you should definalitely see Tank Girl. Lori Petty is so cute in her character, I wish I would still be in school so I could just take scissors and without any thinking cut my hair like that and paint my nails with wall paint.

I'll let the pics do the telling from now on."Super has left the model!" -Rebecca the Tank Girl

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Oli pakko heti imutella tää. Pitää pielä katsoa, kunhan sopiva väli ilmaantuu. Aika piukka nainen tämä tank girl, selkeää idoliainesta.