Like the rest of the world (by the looks and lenghts of the lines to the fitting rooms) I also took part to the after Xmas sales mania. I got few gift cards to spend and managed to find stuff that makes me very happy.

A long black cardigan, blue transparent(-ish) basic t-shirt, petrol blue long-sleeved (also transparent-ish) t-shirt, teal basic heels, thick black leggings and neon yellow & pink nailpolishes also found their ways to my shopping bag. Very satisfied.

I've been wearing that CTRL skirt since and I love it. It's so comfy and I don't mind at all that it's blue. Or that two of the shirts I bought are blue. Even the teal colored heels are semi-blue, 'cause I think teal belongs to blues as well as greens. And the point here? I DON'T LIKE BLUE! But apparently I have blue phase going on now and I try to learn to appreciate it. After all the shades of blue actually go well with my red hair. Hello to the new color in my wardrobe, hello to brave me!

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