My survival kit

My receipt for fighting against the ongoing madness and depression:

[x] Important people and one special little bullterrier. All love for them. ♥

[x] Surrounding myself with pretty things. 4 new pairs of Converse Chucks, approximately 10m of Marimekko fabric, a big design investment (after I make up my mind about the colour first), freshly painted frames and cute postcards in them. Oh, and cleaning my home.

[x] Music. Michael Jackson's This Is It black limited edition version & Live in Bucharest (oh memories!) arrived today. I'm going to spend few days at my parents' empty house together with Gekko and just enjoy the DVDs and wind down.

I wish you all a successful week.

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Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

Sounds great! I love Chucks & Marimekko fabric :)

I just got grey (charcoal) chucks & I love them.

Hope you're well!