Goodbye youth

As anyone reading my blog regularily would know, my darling Ex and best friend J often takes any presents bit over the top. This birthday wasn't any exception and I recieved my very first Louis Vuitton.

Also anyone reading my blog might know, I'm not any regular Vuitton girl. I'm not sure if I even was an any kind of Vuitton girl. What would it mean to own one? Would it change my personality, style, image? Well hell yeah it will, it's the day when I officially become an adult. Louis Vuitton equals adults for me.

So I had bit mixed feelings when we went to the Louis Vuitton store today. I had a major outfit crisis beforehand. Part of me wanted to blend in and not be treated bad 'cause I usually look more like a hobo than a someone who would carry designer stuff. Then there was the rebellious part in my head, shouting that I need to look as poor and hobo as possible and feel good about the contrast that ripped jeans, dirty Converse sneakers and posh LV accessory will create.
Some might say I stress too much about just going to a LV store, but for me it was a big deal. My basic controversy about my clothes are if I look too hobo, or too clean. Going to LV for me.. old teenage punk or what ever trashy looking creature you want to call me.. huge step!

But. Now I have it. And it's actually fucking cool! Black monogram multicolor zippy wallet with screaming lime green lining inside. And to top it all, J spoiled me rotten again adding a black multicolor cotton scarf to my prezzie too. So now I'm a LV girl, deal with it. ♥

Thanks J, once again!

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