Wild Stripes

Que pasa everyone? Hope you've been productive during this amazingly beautiful autumn. I sure have! While doing this and that, I've managed to decorate my home a bit. New vintage bookshelf from 50's and a white flat LED tv makes this teeny tiny place a bit more adult and less child's room. When you love colours as much as I do, it can be bit difficult to decorate a small space without the fear of it looking too childish. After all, I'm close to the dreaded thirties.

Besides bright blinding colors, I'm a huge fan on very minimalistic and graphic black and white look. Combining these two obsessions are easy peasy and so much fun. For my luck, I found out that Weekday Carnival had a -20% sale. I couldn't resist myself from getting the Wild Stripes -print I had been wanting for a while now.
And here it is now! Arrived in a sturdy carboard tube, but softly wrapped in a mint green paper inside for protection. Together with a thank you note from Weekday Carnival's Riikka, it really gave a nice kick-start to my Wednesday.

Pic: Weekday Carnival

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Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

I know exactly what you mean. I think my apartment looks a little childish to a lot of people, but I try to bring in black/white things as well! ;-)