Weekend! What are you going to do in this sunny (hope it's as sunny as it's here where every you are) weekend?

I sure know what I'm gonna do. LOTS of hooping I can tell you! Got my very first custom made hoop delivered to me yesterday. Silvery prisma tape with yellow and pink stripes. *love*
It's so much more fun to hoop with a real big and heavy hoop than those toy hoops I bought from toystore a while ago.
Strarted practising yesterday evening and spent hour and a half hooping and learning all the basics from stalling the hoop to spinning in both ways and hooping in both ways and moving a bit. Now my hips and lovehandles are sore and bruised and I love it! ♥So this weekend will be full of hooping and listening to CSS - Donkey album. Have a great weekend!

4 kommenttia:

Peppi kirjoitti...

Mistä noita vanteita saa, kun mulla on vaan sellanen kämänen lastenversio :)

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Tilasin Katilta Oulusta, Hoop-A-Trixiltä. Sen sivut ei oo toiminu ainakaan mun koneella hetkeen, mutta eiköhän ne oo kohta pystyssä taas.

Suosittelen! :)

Niitä voi tehdä myös itse, Hooping.orgissa on ainaki ohjeita.

Twobreadsplease kirjoitti...

I love that CSS album and hooping sounds like so much fun, I can't believe you have a custom made one, so fancy! x

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Oh that album is so good! Put that on when you are feeling down and it's an instant happy mood again :D