London calling

Union Jack
I've always loved London, but lately there has been bit more severe Britain fever sneaking up on me. It all started, when I was shopping some office supplies for my work from book store and while being there just quickly checked if there was anything intresting in the interior book shelves.
And there was, New London Style.

That strange Union Jack wall rug or what ever it's called appealed to me for some unknown reason. Since buying that book, I have been very into all kinds of Union Jack themed things. It's actually very strange, as I a) don't like flags b) don't like blue c) don't like red and d) dislike most of wall rugs I've ever seen.

I'd love to get these Converse All Stars sneakers with Union Jack on them, but sadly the store I have one unused gift certificate left, don't have them in my size.

In reality, I think this has to have something to do with my unbearable desire to travel. I've been in London for few times and love the city. But I would also be very happy to travel anywhere else too.

HEY! Almost forgot!! There's a competition in the Cool Cupcake blog (sorry, it's in finnish)! Go check it out and try if you are one of the lucky ones winning the cute prices!

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Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

"Panic on the Streets of London"

What a cool City...I haven't been there in a while! But wouldn't it be great to walk around Camden around Springtime, going to the Fleamarkets and shopping on Oxford Street?

What a great idea! :)

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Add also the lazy afternoons in the park. Eating take out lunches under pretty trees and maybe giving small parts of your lunch to the cute squirrels.