New scent

When I was a teenager I used to cause my mother migranes with wearing too much perfume. Me and E used to sneak out to a department store's perfume department in our lunch break and test perfumes and judge how they were packed.
For years now I haven't been using any scents at all though Calvin Klein's One and Lacoste's Touch of Pink have been collecting dust in my closet. Recently I was thinking of buying a new scent and start using perfumes again, but my trouble was that I couldn't find anything sweet enough for my taste. I wanted a girly, soft and candy-like scent, but most of the scents I tried were too sporty or flowery. I'm picky I know, that's no secret.When J came back from Scotland last week, I couldn't be more surprised when he brought me Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Love scent. The bottle is so cute with a kokeshi styled bottle cap that represents one of Gwen's Harajuku dancers called Love.

And what about the scent itself? I was bit suspicious, but it's perfect! Could it be possible that within 2 weeks of time I'd actually get two scents that I actually love? Because I also bought The Body Shop's new Vanilla scent few weeks ago. But Harajuku Lover's Love is sweet, just the way I want, but also very light and feminine, so it's a perfect one to have with that TBS Vanilla scent. If I feel I want to smell like a caramel and have very warm scent, I'll wear Vanilla and if I feel more girly girl and don't want to have so overwhelming scent I'll wear Love.And for those who don't know, there is actually five different Harajuku Lovers scents! Love, Music, Lil' Angel, G and Baby. J told he picked my perfume randomly 'cause the store was "too smelly" to separate any scents from each other. Good choice! I can't pick the right one even when I do test them and he just goes and picks one randomly and better yet, I love what he picks! I'm so happy, now I can smell nice this summer and not just dirt and mud after playing out with doggies.

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jossuliini kirjoitti...

Have you tried out the new shine spray from TIGI S-factor series? It's called Shiny Happy People and it just has the most amazing strawberryish-cottoncandyish-peppermintish smell! I just looove it. Yum yum! Use it very day :D

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Nope, haven't tried it, but I have a gift card to a hair salon that sells Tigi so maybe I should try it. Peppermint though doesn't sound very appealing but maybe I give it a try just because of the cottoncandy part :D

jossuliini kirjoitti...

No, peppermint doesn't sound very appealing to me either but that is just one very strangely succesful composition... I love the burned sugar part of the smell and the peppermint kind of gives it a lift so it's very light.