Opioid ant

Last weekend was one of the most horrible ones I've ever experienced. My little ant boy suddenly got so sick, that he had to be taken in to animal hospital's intensive care unit. He was in huge pain and no vet seemed to find out what was wrong with him.

I got him home yesterday evening and today we have stayed home recovering. I feel like a stay-home-mom sleeping only 2h at a time, making oatmealporrige (with some saithe to make it a proper recovery food for the little doggie) and feeding him with a spoon. He has been very reluctant to eat or drink but with some TLC, he's now getting better and stronger hour by hour.I'm superhappy that he is recovering now, it was terrifying to see him that sick. He still doesn't have a diagnose, but the vets think it might be some infection inside his stomach and/or intestines. Caused by bacteria or virus, they don't know. The main thing now is, that he's better and soon back to his cheeky self.

Here's a hilarious video that cheered me up quite a bit. Found the link to it from Mai's blog and btw, she has a great blog, go and check it out!

Thanks to A, who has been giving me and Gekko a ride way too many times, kept me company when Gekko wasn't home and been there for me in all the different ways that can be imagined. Thanks also to J and Iines for letting me stay at their place when I couldn't be home alone and E and all the other super people around me for all they've done. ♥

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Queen of the Castle kirjoitti...

Anytime. Pääasia et te molemmat voitte paremmin <3

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

Good to hear that the little guy is doing better! I had him in my thoughts the last days! It's always good to have friends to go through things like that together!
Give him a big "Get-well-very-soon" smooth for me.

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

"smooch" i meant ;)

Kiiki kirjoitti...

ihihii ihan superihana video. piristi :)