Night of the Arts

Last Friday was the Night of the Arts in Helsinki and of course we took part too. The main event for me was to see the Plasticiens Volants, but when we got there we were hit with the harsh reality, that we certainly weren't the only ones there.
The Esplanadi park was so crowded that after I saw the first glimpse of the fish I had to give up and just make my way out of there. The show ended to the Senate Square but there was absolutely no chance of getting there, all streets were full of people and even breathing was sometimes difficult. So I gave up and me, J and his friend M headed to bar where A later joined us.

This is what I missed.. :(

We later ended up wandering around in Punavuori. Listened an intresting one man electric show in Diana Park, shopped at the Fida fleamarket (2 vintage lampshades 7,70€ in total!!) and Stupido recordstore (Michael Jackson and The Blaster Master CDs and Stupido fabric bag). Then an organic cider at the bar, weird conversations about toe fobias and a walk back home. Once again a fun night out!

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