Meet the Bikers

Readers, meet Bikers. Bikers, meet my readers.
These are my new winter boots, a gift from J. They are perfect and done by no less than the legendary boot maker Pekka Lahti from Boot Factory!
I've been eyeing bikers for a long time and now I got my very own pair. ♥ And I'm very happy about the fact, that now that I finally have biker boots, they are not just any soulless pair of bikers but hand made with love and 95% Finnish. At least I think they are made with love, since Lahti has been making boots almost 30 years!
Thanks babe, now my toes won't freeze in winter! ♥

3 kommenttia:

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

Cool boots! You seem to have a great bf with a good taste of style!
I need one of those!

Have a great weekend!


Mai kirjoitti...

they are well cool boots, congrats! that reminds me to get my own ones out and start wearing them...

have a nice weekend :)

Kiiki kirjoitti...

sulla on tommoset oikeet. mulla o leikki :D mut on nekin kivat :)