After tattoo

The concept 'after work' is familiar to many - few cheap drinks at the bar early in the evening to clear the head after long day at work. Well, we modified the concept a bit and had 'after tattoo'. We didn't include the parts of the concept that says few, cheap or early. Or maybe the word early can be part of this, since we stayed up drinking till 10am. At least us girls did, men are just so crappy drinkers and pass out way too easily.

After tattoo's after party at the first stop (out of 3), J's place. Only place where we took pics, which might be a good thing after all.

No girl talk!

Iines puts D on his place and shows some girl talk.

Men and dogs - equally disgusting sometimes. Who kisses dogs with tongue?! Ewwww!!
Updated pics of the tattoo will follow after healing. I still have some sessions coming this week, so this might take a week or two.

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