Me amongst many others judge people easily by their appearance and also get judged by it ourselves too. It's not very rare that the way people see you is still totally different than the way you see yourself and that's often the case with me.
I concider myself as small, quiet and easily timidated person without any so-called street credibility. But yet I often ran into comments about me and about how scary I am or something like that and that really amazes me. Who the hell can be scared of 159cm tall skinny girl with eyes similar to the deer that's going to get hit by a car?!

I do have my other side which is very talkative and active and I can be also firm if needed, but let's just say that those features are not something I am used to and I'm still learning..
And once again I got a reminder of how small and non-scary I am after having 4 gypsie men robbing my shop last night. There was simply nothing I could do to stop them. Just stand there fully aware of what they are doing and just wait and hope they'd leave as soon as possible. Nothing happened to me and they "only" took stuff worth about 250e, but the feeling that you can not do anything to stop this happening again makes you feel pretty helpless. And I keep wondering that if I'd look different would it be less easier for them to try something like this (which propably wouldn't, they knew exactly what they were doing and did it like pros).

By that I don't mean any particular feature that I wish I had more in my looks, just the general kick-ass attitude look could maybe do the trick.
This pic is one of my current favorites. She's my friend, true Roller Derby girl Bananaspit and her pose represents everything that I mean when I say kick-ass attitude.

(Picture by Miika Karttunen)

Check out the one and only (not kidding here, there's only one in Finland!) roller derby league, Helsinki Roller Derby. They'll have cool site opening up soon, but you can already find them on Facebook. Click click! There's some attitude that I could have use for.
HRD on Facebook

Again repeating myself, but I love that pic. It's not threatening in anyway, but yet you have no chance of missing what that girl is about. At least it could be a good idea to get that baseball bat behind my desk at work, hah.

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Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, that indeed must have been scary.

I'm glad nothing "serious" happend, but still a very scary thought!