This morning I woke up after refreshing 11 hour sleep and saw a SMS I'd gotten while sleeping. It was from A and after a quick call I was told to come out in 30minutes. So quick jump to shower and out to see what she's up to. She drove to my door, stoped the car and gave me a package. I was told that she got inspired by my blog post yesterday. Clueless of what's going on I went back in and opened the present and found this colorful happy ribbon she'd crafted for me!
And what does it have to do with my previous blog post, well read yourself - I KICK ASS!!!
I'm so happy, this totally made my day. Now I can wear it at work and I'm now thinking a place on the wall behind the desk, where I can hang the ribbon during times when I don't have it on.
Thank you. ♥

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Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

That is SO sweet!

I love it!


Queen of the Castle kirjoitti...

Just a little reminder, so you won't ever forget that you'll always KICK ASS no matter what...including the times you don't feel like it.

It was supposed to bring you joy, so I'm really happy that it delivered!!