In my Moleskine...

..I wrote "More" and "Less" lists for the year 2010.
My lists for example included parts:
Less spending money on idiotic things &
More spending money on cool things.

The "Less"-part is a desperate attempt to keep my mind focused on the fact that I'm constantly broke and shouldn't really buy stuff that I don't really need.  I want to focus on things that I really need and will enjoy longer.

And what comes to the "More"-part..
I have been very good with that one! Started already and this bike, the coolest bike on the fucking planet, will soon be mine!!! Oh I'm in looooove and can't wait to get it home! It's a magical rainbow bike and I'm going to rule the streets of Helsinki with that beauty starting next spring.  Also if you look closer, my Rainbow wonder has no speeds which means I'm gonna have hell of a muscles too by the end of the summer.

Bubble pic from shop's opening party vol. 2by A